Top 10 authors who appear in their own series, the cameos of the small screen

If in the cinema it often happens that directors appear in their films, it is a little rarer on TV in the series. Rare, but it happens, because these people either have a lot of humor or an irrepressible need to put themselves in front of the camera, it happens. We are going to see a few examples right away because I am firmly convinced that it will make you happy and a lot of good, especially at this time when everything is going to hell in your life.

1. David Simon in “The Wire”

Genius of the American TV series, David Simon does not mess when he makes an appearance in his own series. Since he is a former journalist he makes a micro cameo in The Wire as a journalist trying to interview Franck Sobodka. Not even a text, he’s in the middle of the crowd, but he’s there. Class the guy. Another reason to watch The Wire.

2. David Chase in “The Sopranos”

Inevitably when one is at the head of a series as prestigious as The Sopranos you want to show your pretty little face in it, it’s NORMAL. We can therefore see David Chase saying hello during a passage where Paulie (best character) goes to Italy.

3. Larry David in “Seinfeld”

One of the two creators of the famous comic series makes a small appearance there because he is very cool. Besides in his own series Curb your enthusiasm there’s definitely a whole season where the whole cast of Seinfeld invites himself. We can only advise you to watch Curb your enthusiasmit’s really, really great.

4. Ricky Gervais dans “The Office” (US)

After creating the English version of The Office, the brilliant Ricky Gervais had to make an appearance in the American version he was producing, and it happened. He takes up his character of David Brent, the alter ego of Michael Scott English version and it gives a little scene that is fun.

5. Gene Roddenberry dance “Star Trek”

If you had created Star Trek you’d be broke already, but in addition you would have had the opportunity to appear in your series. That said, Gene only did a little voice in the thing, so it wasn’t a crazy appearance either, but he’s like that, very discreet.

6. William Dozier et Howie Horwitz dans “Batman”

If you have ever seen an episode of the very strange series Batman you’re probably over fifty because it’s really old stuff. In any case the two creators Howie Horwitz and William Dozier made a small appearance there to have fun between taking drugs (these people couldn’t be clean to produce that).

7. Ronald Moore dans “Battlestar Galactica”

We see the creator of the series in a very small passage where we see him reading a number of National Geographic. It’s a bit stupid to make such big series and to limit yourself to such a moldy appearance, you have to dream a little more Ronnie…

8. Matt Groening in “Futurama” and the “Simpsons”

Obviously the brilliant creator of Simpsons appears in his two cartoons several times in scenes that are not necessarily to his advantage since he passes either for a super naive guy or a fat rich man. At least he has a sense of humor. And if not, which Simpsons character are you?

9. Dan Harmon in “Community”

Frankly he deserved to have more fun in his own series and to appear better so everything that was happening in the University of Greendale was crazy. Yet it only appears on a simple poster in one of the wonderful paintball episodes.

10. Larry Charles in “Seinfeld”

He is the second creator of Seinfeld and he’s really much more discreet than Larry David but that didn’t prevent him from appearing in the series also during a single small scene which takes place in the toilet of an airplane. A simple man.

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