Top 10 Animals That We Think Harmless But Are Dangerous

“Beware of sleeping water,” my mother used to tell me. A cool piece of advice, but to be honest with you, I think it’s best to “beware of the sleeping BEAR”. It is much more revered than water, a bear. And it’s far from the only animal not to bother too much if we value our lives, believe me.

1. Snails

If there’s one animal that we didn’t expect to find at the top of this top, it’s the snail. This slow, soft, viscous little thing, with a shell less solid than Neymar’s ankle. Well, imagine that it is in fact the third deadliest animal in the world, behind the mosquito and the man! According to the World Health Organization, hundreds of thousands of deaths per year are animal-related. So no, they are not likely to bite you or eat you, but simply to transmit to you “bilharziasis”, a parasitic disease also nicknamed “snail fever”. A parasite that kills around 110,000 people each year.

2. Otters

Sea otters clearly have one of the best heads in the animal world. Serious. Look at that, mougnougnougnou. Unfortunately, the clothes don’t make the monk… The otters are real heartless rotten creatures who don’t hesitate to butt up baby seals with all their might. Similarly, it is not uncommon for males to kill females at the time of copulation. About 11% of the latter die this way, bitten in the face during the act.

3. Dolphins

Aka every child’s favorite animal (when it’s not the horse). They seem nice, playful and simple, and yet… I’ve known FDPs in my life, but never like that! First, when they get bored, they kill porpoises. To have fun. Then continue the activity by playing with their corpses. Nice. As if being serial killers wasn’t enough, they’re also rapists. Yes yes. Dolphins practice gang rape on other dolphins. AND THAT’S NOT ALL. It happens that these assholes of dolphins perpetuate their crimes, sexual or not, on humans. Yes. You can totally be sexually assaulted or killed by a dolphin. I hope that after this description, it will never again be anyone’s favorite animal on this low land.

4. Ducks

It twists the buttocks, and it spends its time behind in the water. Not very impressive. If the man doesn’t have much to fear from the duck (apart from a few pinchings of the beak), they are real assholes among themselves. More than that, they are also recognized as true serial rapists. Definitely. Of all the matings identified, 40% are in fact forced reports by the male, who does not hesitate to keep the female’s head under water while mating. To top it off, several cases of necrophilia have been put forward. Nice.

5. The “blue dragons” in Australia

This small wonder of 3 cm maximum (about the size of a short fingernail) is not a Pokémon but a “blue dragon” (blue dragon). It’s actually some kind of sea slug. So far, nothing to worry about. But now, this little beast feeds… On jellyfish. The same jellyfish that can kill us in minutes. They capture their toxins, and store them in their extremities. A simple contact with the little beast can prove fatal.

6. Stonefish

At first glance, it is a large, lazy fish, difficult to spot because it is generally motionless and camouflaged. It is found in the shallow coastal waters of northern Australia. If it doesn’t look like much, step on it and you’ll see… Extremely poisonous, it can go so far as to cause death.

7. Pandas

As cute as they are dangerous for humans. The panda is an “ursida”. Like other mammals of the “ursidae” family, it attacks when it feels threatened. Big bites with his huge molars and powerful jaw muscles. According to biologists, who established a bite power score, results above 100 indicate incredible strength. The lion has a score of 124. The tiger, 130, and the giant panda. of 151. Either way, he’s not a bad guy. Leave him alone, and everything will be fine.

8. Hippos

The potams are so big that we readily imagine them static and slow. Think again ! These animals, ready to defend their territory at all costs, will have no trouble putting you in trouble if you get too close. There are about 100 attacks of this type every year. If you come across a yawning hippo, be on your guard: it’s a sign of threat.

9. Pigs

Well, there, the cases are still rare, but it does exist. Avoid falling asleep in the middle of pigs (not trivial, I grant you. But you know… Alcohol…) where they could simply eat you alive. There’s more glorious death than serving 4 hours to a bunch of hungry pigs.

10. The pangolin

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