Top 10 animals that have a frankly relaxing life, it chills a lot

We often talk about the animals that live the longest, but it’s not because they count the days before dying that they are happy. To be happy, you have to have a cushy life and there are quite a few criteria to respect. The fewer predators an animal has, the less it is afraid and therefore more likely to live peacefully. It must also be able to feed easily and survive the temperatures without having to travel hellish distances. You got it, we looked for the animals that have the chilliest life in the world to make you very jealous.

1. The domestic cat

Of all the animals in the world, the domestic cat that lives in private homes is by far the happiest. Unlike dogs who love their master more than anything and are desperate when he leaves, cats live like kings and are very independent. They are effortlessly fed overpriced food, poop indoors, and get petted whenever they crave it. We would all like to have a cat’s life…

2. The Raven

The common raven is a very intelligent bird that lives throughout the northern hemisphere, it is often confused with the carrion crow which lives only in Western Europe. An adult and not too weak crow has no predators and can become very close to humans to the point of socializing with them. As it is omnivorous, the crow never has difficulty feeding, which comes in handy. It is a very playful bird that spends a lot of time chasing its crow mates and stealing their stolen items from humans. They have a reputation as not friendly birds at all, which makes them really quiet, but they are very supportive of each other and teach the youngest together how to manage as adults.

3. The Sperm Whale

The sperm whale is the largest carnivore in the world, it is more than 20m long and its head is a third of its length. It feeds on squid and fish and has no predators when it reaches adulthood, which is not surprising given the size of the beast. They live in community and the females help each other to raise and protect the young; they are very attached to their group and can stay together for more than 10 years. Males leave the family group when they are teenagers to join a group of young sperm whales, but when they get old some older sperm whales form groups of old people so as not to end up alone, which is quite rare in the animal kingdom.

4. The lion

Compared to other animals of the savannah, the lion has a rather cushy life. It is at the top of its food chain which makes it an apex predator. Indeed, the lion has no predator apart from the human. He can sleep for days on end while the lionesses hunt and tend to the cubs. When they are old enough to fend for themselves, the young males are driven out of the troop by their father and live for some time alone before founding their own troop. In truth, it’s a life that appeals to me (even if the raw antelope must have a funny taste).

5. European Mole

Although it is not appreciated by darons with a nice lawn, the mole has a rather cushy life. As it moves very quickly, around one meter per second, it very easily escapes predators trying to track it underground (and it avoids raptors by rarely coming out). The mole is a carnivorous animal that feeds on insects and larvae that it traps in its galleries. She is blind, but has a very well developed hearing and sense of smell, which allows her to live without problems if the human leaves her alone.

6. L’aigle royal

The golden eagle does not have an easy life since it has a territory of up to 150km2 to defend, but we cannot say that it is to be pitied. Indeed, this animal is also at the top of its food chain, so it has no predators. Eagles live at high altitude in huge nests with their partner and their offspring. They are monogamous animals that often stay several years, even all their lives, with their other half (if that’s not cute). The only problem in the life of eagles is again and again humans.

7. The sloth

The sloth is an animal that moves in the trees very slowly and takes a nap between 12h and 20h a day. They feed on leaves that grow on the trees where they live, which is rather chill in terms of the journey to eat. They also eat flowers and even slower creatures that pass by.

8. Giant Pacific Octopus

The female giant octopus has a very tiring life, as she protects her eggs for 150 days without feeding, but for the male it is much more chill. The giant octopus weighs between 30kg and 40kg but the heaviest ever observed was 180kg, which is an advantage to scare its opponents. However, the octopus is harmless, fearful and even rather lazy. She spends most of her days hiding to rest, and the male eventually dies just after spawning. Pretty good death actually.

9. The Eagle Owl

Like the golden eagle, the eagle owl has no predators, which helps a lot in living a peaceful existence. The owl feeds extremely easily since it can hunt all kinds of prey, from beetles to fawns. Its flight is agile and silent and it is very difficult to spot at night despite its wingspan of more than 1m60. Not too much stress regarding the evening meal for our friend the owl.

10. The Orca

Like many other animals in this top, the killer whale is an apex predator and therefore knows no natural enemies. It manages to feed without great effort since its diet includes more than 80 species of prey. In the wild, killer whales can live 30 to 40 years without the stress of predators or taxes at the end of the month.

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