Top 10 actors who are more like their character than you think

We often talk about composition roles, about those actors who don’t look like their character and who had to work hard to create a new personality for themselves. We talk a lot less about those for whom, in the end, it was rather simple to put on the skin of their character. Of those who didn’t need to bother to learn a new way of doing things since their role already resembled their life. Of those who, if I may say so, didn’t have to break their ass too much. They too deserve our attention.

1. Kunal Nayyar had his doctorate like Dr. Rajesh Koothrappali from The Big Bang Theory

On the one hand, we have Jim Parsons, who plays Dr. Sheldon Cooper and repeats in an interview that he is not as intelligent as his character, and, on the other, we have Kunal Nayyar, who is really as smart as his character. Like Rajesh, Kunal earned a Ph.D. The real difference between the two is that Raj’ was a doctor in astrophysics while Nayyar is in letters. It’s not the same delirium actually.

2. Mayim Bialik also has a PhD as Amy Farrah Fowler of The Big Bang Theory

And where she is even stronger than her friend Kunal Nayyar is that she obtained her doctorate before even having played in the series. In addition, Mayim is a doctor in neuroscience, just like her character. It’s very strong.

3. Jenna Fischer was a receptionist like Pam Beesly from The Office

More specifically, she was an administrative assistant, and she would never have imagined that her job would one day allow her to land the biggest role of her life. She even explained that it had allowed her to better prepare for her role since she knew this type of universe well. But there’s little chance she had a boss as badass as Michael Scott.

4. Robert Downey Jr. wants to save the world with robots like Iron Man

Well, concretely, Tony Stark kicks the ass of the bad guys thanks to robotic technologies, while Robert Downey Jr., he has set himself the objective of cleaning up the planet thanks to robots to fight against climate change. It’s not EXACTLY the same, but it does look a bit similar. And then if that’s not enough for you, know that Downey Jr. often shares the same attitude as Tony Stark, with the same traits and everything. It is clearly his double.

5. Emma Watson is a model student like Hermione Granger

It’s simple: if Emma Watson was chosen to interpret Hermione, it is among other things because she had the same type of personality as the little witch. At the casting, she looked like the top of the class because she really WAS top of the class. And that, of course, to play an unbearable know-it-all, that helps a lot.

6. Chelsea Peretti has the same character as Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Gina Linetti

Beyond having a name resembling that of Brooklyn 99’s best character, Chelsea Peretti pretty much shares the same character traits. We can see it in the interview, she is frank on the edge of insolence, totally unfiltered, and she also spends her time on her phone, like Gina Linetti. If we add to that the fact that she is friends with Andy Samberg in real life, it starts to make a lot of points in common.

7. Charlie Sheen is the same as Charlie Harper from My Uncle Charlie

The two share the same name, but also a big shit character of selfish alcoholic womanizers. Suddenly, to interpret his double on the film set, Sheen did not need to strain too much.

8. Lea Michele is a pest like Rachel Berry from Glee.

She’s proven it over and over again by throwing huge tantrums on film sets when she doesn’t get what she wants, a bit like Rachel when she isn’t chosen as a soloist for a song. Well, afterwards, Lea Michele went even further by being a bit racist with other actors, something Rachel Berry did without. She’s kinda outgrown the character.

9. Rupert Grint is as lazy as Ron Weasley (from Harry Potter, yes)

In the documentary Back to Hogwarts, the comedians recounted that Rupert Grint had the exact same phlegmatic personality as Ron Weasley in real life. This was particularly illustrated when Alfonso Cuarón, director of Prisoner of Azkaban, asked the three young actors to write an essay to describe their character. When, on the one hand, Hermione wrote 16 pages like a good student, Rupert Grint did nothing. He had forgotten or was too lazy to turn in his homework, just like Ron Weasley would have done. And that is beautiful.

10. Jonathan Cohen is like Serge the Mytho

Well, okay, he’s probably a little less mytho than his character, but for the improv side, the two are totally identical. It’s simple, we just threw Jonathan Cohen on a sofa and told him to “improvise lies”, and that gave us a character. If he weren’t so good, you could almost say it’s too easy.

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