Top 10 actors and actresses who disobeyed their producer

On some shoots the actors have had abusive requests to accept a role or other requests that generally piss everyone on the set. But sometimes it goes completely the other way around and it’s the studio or the producers making absolutely unlikely demands of the actors or trying to get them to do something against their will. We’re going to tell you today about those who refused to comply with these bullshit demands and rebel against the power of Hollywood, or simply those who screwed up and screwed up on the set.

1. Hugh Jackman started his physical training too late for “X-Men”

He had been given a date to start his physical preparation and to be super muscular for the start of filming but Hugh was convinced that it would be useless to start so early. So when the start date arrived he was clearly not muscular enough and we decided to postpone the shooting so that he could finish his training. Not phew phew the atmosphere as the first day of work.

2. Marlon Brando didn’t know his role on the set of “Apocalypse Now”

Brando was known to be boring on set, that and even more serious stuff. On Apocalypse Nowwhose filming was atrocious, Brando did not learn his texts and had not even read certain scenes, suddenly the director was forced to stop production for a week to read the script with him and brief him properly then that he had been asked to read at least the script before starting (and the book he was also inspired by).

3. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were banned from dating on “The Amazing Spiderman”

When filming started, the producers said to themselves that they were both much too handsome not to start liking each other, and that could make a big mess on the set, so they were forbidden to do the same. thing their characters do in real life. But the two actors finally completely decided to break the rules and were together for almost five years.

4. Michael Gambon didn’t even take the time to read Harry Potter before playing “Dumbledore”

The second actor to take over the role of Albus Dumbledore was instructed to read the novels in order to immerse himself in the universe and the story, but without boasting about it he did not do his job at all. He read the script and later said there was no point in reading the book because he was going to play what was in the script anyway and not in the novel. Not completely dumb Michael, it’s pretty much his excuse.

5. Jim Carrey threatened to break his contract for the movie “The Grinch” after a day of filming

Everything starts with the costume, which was torture for the actor, and after the very first day of filming, he went to see the director to tell him that he was stopping and that he preferred to break his contract, whatever the cost. Except that we managed to reason with him and brought in a CIA torture expert who helped him put on the costume to finish the shoot. Just that.

6. Zendaya and Tom Holland were also banned from dating on the set of “Spiderman”

Like what the producers of Spiderman are cursed, because we also gave the same instruction as Garfield and Stone on the set of Spiderman : No Way Home to both actors. But since it is impossible to remain indifferent to one or the other, what had to happen happened and they clearly fell in love in 2021. Since then, everyone has dreamed of being adopted by them, they are so beautiful .

7. Whoopi Goldberg and the trapped filming of “Theodore Rex”

The actress had told a producer by the name of Richard Abramson that she was 100% ready to make the film so that another project of her own could be produced. A verbal agreement, but an agreement nonetheless. But when we came to get her she refused, and Richard Abramson released an audio recording of the famous conversation that trapped her. She therefore accepted under the threat of a lawsuit and a big loss of money, but she dealt a better salary and after a few days of filming managed to get Abramson off the set. This movie is absolutely atrocious, don’t watch it.

8. Mariah Carrey who is the diva on the movie “The House”

The comedy The House (or “Vegas Academy: Coup de poker pour la fac” in French, because why not translate the title like that rather than “the house”) with Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler was to contain a scene with Mariah Carrey in a casino. Everything had been dealt, agreed and signed but the singer arrived on set four hours late and refused to sing the song she was supposed to do. After trying to talk to her, we simply decided to kick her out because she was super dumb.

9. Mike Myers did everything to have the scene of “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the movie “Wayne’s World”

Basically the car scene had to be recorded with a piece of Guns & Roses and actor Mike Myers didn’t hear it that way, he wanted Bohemian Rhapsody of Queen. Despite the production’s refusal, he started filming, made sure that everything got off to a good start, then simply said a few days before doing the scene that if we didn’t put on this music, he would leave the filming. Inevitably the producers were stupid, even if he broke his contract everything that had been shot so far was useless, so they accepted and it gave a cult scene.

10. Vin Diesel refused to listen to every producer who told him to do well in his films.

Every one of his movies, it happened every time. He refused to let the subject be broached and said “I play badly or I break”, which was a rather serious threat. Suddenly he managed to make a long and beautiful career by playing like a foot and nobody could do anything about it, he was simply too convincing.

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