Todd Phillips reportedly returning to co-write Joker 2

Todd Phillips, who co-wrote and directed the 2019 DC film JokerAccording to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, its sequel is returning to writing. In a report about Hollywood’s most powerful lawyers at THR, a statement stated that Phillips has signed a deal with Warner Bros. to co-write the sequel.

In November 2019, The Hollywood Reporter first claimed that Joaquin Phoenix-starrer sequel was in the works. It is unclear whether Phoenix will return to play the role. The first film ended on a vague note.

Phoenix told Indiewire in 2019 that the possibilities for the sequel are “endless”. They said, “I don’t know that there is [more to do], “Phoenix said.” Me and Todd would still be shooting if we could, right? Because it seemed endless, the possibilities of where we might go with the character. “

The Joker told the origin story of the most famous comic-book observer and Batman’s arch nemesis, the Clown Prince of Crime.

The film was made on a budget of about $ 55 million, and Went to collect $ 1.07 billion. Due to the huge difference between its budget and gross collections, it is considered to be the most profitable comic-book film ever made.

The Joker also generated much controversy, as some critics claimed that the film was intended to humanize American real-life gun-toting mass murderers. But the film received final approval – as many as 11 Oscar nominations from the Academy.

Phoenix won the Oscar for Best Actor, becoming the second actor to win an Oscar after Heath Ledger for his portrayal of the Joker. The film’s composer Hildur Gunadotir also won an Oscar for Best Original Score.

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