Tips for eye makeup!

Many of the people don’t know-how I prevent smudging, stains, powder falling under the eyes, blurred look bad, which exceeds, etc. Hence I shared this stuff with you today.

Don’t exceed the outer corner of the eyelid!

It is not easy to observe the the imaginary line between the outer corner of the eye and the end of the eyebrow. There are two ways the first one is asking the person to hold a folded handkerchief exactly where the line should be or the second one is to keep a least sticky tape and it should be removed once the makeup is over. The dark eye shadow should never exceed this line.

To prevent eye powder or flakes fall under the eye!

This is one of the most common problems! There are few techniques to overcome this problem. Use a paper towel folded into half and hold it tightly with your hands and towards the skin and it will adhere to the skin. In other method apply a lot of loose powder around the eye with a brush the skin should be thoroughly filled with the powder and it can be wiped out once the eye shadow was applied. This prevents the paint from sticking to the skin.

To prevent smudging mascara application

So many people get smudged when applying mascara. To avoid this problem, there is one simple technique. Simply place your finger or a pencil horizontally behind the eyelashes during the passage of the brush, and press the brush against the finger so that the eyelashes stick it. This technique also has the advantage of better curl the eyelashes (as they are pressed against the finger) and better separation, since stronger based on the brush. The finger is then stained, but it is much easier to remove everything on a finger than in the face. If you put mascara on the bottom lashes, it is best to go with the pencil, because the finger is too big for this section. Same has to be done with upper lids; if they are also very short.

For perfect eyebrows

If you are having any difficulty in creating two rows of symmetrical eyebrows and of the same size, eyebrow stencils are perfect. They exist in many forms. Once you have found yours just fill the holes with a pencil or powder eyebrow and presto, you have a perfect shape! For those who have not the eye, there is a version that carries with elastic all around the head. Thus, the eyebrows are the same height!

For liquid eyeliner flawless!

It is very difficult for a beginner to make beautiful eyeliner. If you are a beginner and have an uncertain hand, the technique of drawing number works. Simply draw several small points at strategic locations and then connect them.

Finally, it is never good to keep a spot or a burr, if it happens during makeup doesn’t get panic. Simply dip a cotton swab in the liquid foundation and then roll it on the spot. Then add a touch-up powder and viola. Either of them can’t see.

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