Tim Burton’s Addams Family Live-Action TV Reboot Wednesday Goes to Netflix

Tim Burton taking his reboot Adams family To Netflix. Last year, it was reported that Burton was developing a live-action series based on the Kookiest family of pop culture with MGM TV. The project was reportedly closed to various potential buyers with Netflix. Now, it has been announced that Netflix has ordered eight episodes Wednesday, Burton’s Adams family An offshoot centered on an old Wednesday Adams in college.

Tim Burton Will direct Wednesday With Al Gauch and Miles Miller serving as listeners. The live-action series is described as a “sleuthing, supernaturally infused mystery charting Wednesday Adams” years as a student at Nevermore Academy. On Wednesday attempted to master his emerging mental capacity, thwart a demonic murder that has terrorized the local city, and solve it. Supernatural mystery that hugged her parents 25 years ago – navigating her new and very intriguing relationship in Nevermore. “

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As known for his films Edward Scissorhands, Beetle Juice, And Batman, It would mark Burton’s first live-action TV series. He was previously associated with a planned animated Adams family Film that never came out. In addition to his direct duties, Burton will executive produce alongside Gott, Miller, Andrew Mitman (Adams family), Kevin Miserocchi (T & Charles Adams Foundation), Kayla Alpert (Code black), Jonathan Glickman (Addams Family 2), And Gayle Burman (Adams family) is.

No actor has been attached yet for the series and it is not yet clear who will play New Wednesday. Putting the character in an entirely new setting on its own also suggests that the rest of Adams can only be portrayed in a limited capacity. Before it was revealed that the series would be Wednesday-centric, fan shows were called to see some actors on the show, such as Johnny Depp or Oscar Issac as Gomez and Eva Green or Christina Ricci as Morticia.

Adams family Originally started as a comic strip started in 1938 by cartoonist Charles Adams. It has served as the inspiration for many movie and TV adaptations, including the much-discussed black-and-white TV series of the 1960s. The 1990s followed a pair of live-action films with an animated cartoon series. Even the show has been taken to Broadway by Nathan Lane and Babe Neuerwirth.

On the big screen, the franchise recently made a comeback in 2019 with the animated adaptation The Addams Family. The characters’ design is more reminiscent of the original comic strip, taking the series back to its roots. After a big hit at the box office, a sequel was ordered and Adams family 2 Expected to be released on 1 October 2021. The chain is unlikely to be connected Wednesday.

Given his body of work, Burton may just be the right filmmaker to reimagine Adams family In an interesting new way. No word yet Wednesday Will begin making the film, but Netflix has confirmed by tweeting the first poster for the series on Twitter that the show is a walk. We got this news from Hollywood Reporter.

Wednesday poster

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