TikTok Creators Aren’t Planning to Jump to Reels Soon

A week after its launch, the Instagram reels are already experiencing uncertainty among the crowd as it tries to win, as some Tiktok creators say they are not planning to jump on stage anytime soon Huh.

According to a survey of influencers conducted by marketing agency FanBytes, 75% of Tektok creators said they would not transfer their content to Instagram reels, stating that the reels are essentially a clone of TickTalk. spoke with half a dozen creators last week and received similar responses. The creators said Tiktok has better algorithms, as well as the iconic “For You” page, where the content has the potential to draw more eyes, go viral, and grow viewers faster.

The reels debuted in the US at just the right time – exactly when Teaktok was taking heat from President Donald Trump, who has threatened to ban security concerns and its connection to the app in China if it didn’t land an American buyer Is sold.

The major similarities between the two apps (both allow users to edit music and effects as well as video clips), TicketLock’s prized editing features in the reels, are very short and short: reels the video in 15 seconds. While the length of Tiktok can be as much as one minute. Reels videos are also difficult to find on the Instagram app. Reels can be found in the Explore page, as well as on user feeds or stories, making it difficult to know if the content you’re viewing on Instagram is a reels or just a normal video post. On TikTok, all the content is the same type, and it uses artificial intelligence to recommend videos that you think you’ll like.

A Twitter user reported that most of Reels’ videos have been featured on Instagram’s Explore page Were from verified accounts, Which is in contrast to TicTalk, where any user, large or small, can be depicted.

This is not the first time Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, has attempted to compete with TikTok, the fastest growing app in the world with over 2 billion downloads. Last month, Instagram shut down its first stand-alone Tittock clone, Lasso, after failing to woo viewers. And what we know today as Instagram Stories was first popularized by Snapchat.

According to the survey published on Wednesday and first reported by Dexarto, although producers are hesitant to let the reels go immediately, some are still planning to incorporate the platform into their overall social strategy. Although producers can find fame on an app, they are encouraged to accelerate all platforms in an effort to cultivate a strong following.

Talent agents and digital management groups also believe that it is too soon to tell if Reels will be a hit among Gen Z in Tickcock in the same way, but acknowledges that Instagram has some advantages: it’s trustworthy , It’s been around for a long time. , And the app is not being targeted by the US government. Yet it is now clear that the younger generation, producers and viewers are not going to abandon Teetok until it gets out of their hands.

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