Tiger Woods in "Good Spirits" After Additional Procedures Post-Crash

Tiger Woods According to officials, in late February when he crashed his car, traveling at 40 mph over the speed limit.

During an April 7 press conference, the sheriff Alex Villanueva Said that one of the major causes of golf in the crash on 23 February was driving at speeds of 84-87 mph at 45 mph as well as not being able to curb the roadway. The final estimated speed when Woods’ car hit a tree was 75 mph.

“No citations were issued nor were there any signs of harm,” Villanueva said. During the presser, police also reported that Woods had a foot 99 percent on the gas petal, impacting at all points and the brake was never hit. Authorities believe he panicked and accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake, but it is speculation because Woods cannot recall the details.

Police also noted that they did not check her phone for texting and did not believe it was on her phone. After the press conference, Woods released a statement on Twitter thanking the first responders, who helped him.

He wrote, “I am very grateful to both good Samaritans who helped me and called 911.” social media. “I am also thankful to LASD’s duties and LA Firefighter / Paramedics … for helping me so efficiently in this scene and getting me safely to the hospital. I will continue to focus on my recovery and family, and Thank you all for the overwhelming support and thanks. ” The encouragement I received in this difficult time. “

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