Thursday’s Special Space Event Turns Empire State Building Red

The top of the Empire State Building turned red Tuesday night to mark the imminent arrival of NASA’s Persistence Rover on the surface of Mars.

The New York City Landmark, which, aptly, features a rocket-like appearance, tweeted an image of its red top with the comment: “With NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, we see the forthcoming landing of the fixture on Mars with lights Celebrating. ” All in tonight!

Destination: Mars! ????

together with @NASAJPL, We are celebrating the upcoming landing @NASAPersevere Tonight on Mars with all the lights in red! #CountdownToMars
@NASAThe Mars 2020 mission launched on 7/30/20 is scheduled to land this Thursday. # right

????: mattpugs / IG

& mdash; Empire State Building (@EmpireStateBldg) 16 February, 2021

After a seven-month journey from Earth, a continuation known as an indefinite landing process in the space industry is rapidly closing in on the surface of Mars in what is known as the “Seven Minutes of Terror”.

The rover is expected to land on Mars on February 18 at approximately 3:55 pm ET / 12: 55 pm PT. NASA will be livestreaming coverage of the event on its website from 2 pm ET / 11 pm PT.

Once safely landed with firmness (yes, let’s hope those important final stages don’t occur an accident), the rover will set about searching inside the Jazero crater for signs of ancient life. The vehicle – NASA’s most advanced rover ever – will spend time collecting rock and soil samples to return to Earth at a later date, and collect data for future human exploration of the distant planet.

NASA’s Mars Rover underwent extensive testing before blasting off Cape Canaveral in Florida in July 2020, and even has a twin vehicle on Earth. OPTIMISM, as it is called, is a full-scale engineering version of the Persistence that will be used to test hardware and software that are shipped from the command to the Rover, currently about 125 million miles away.

Perseverance has a travel companion, which, as Ingenuity, is a reducing drone-like machine that is scheduled to become the first aircraft to fly on another planet.

NASA’s mission follows two others who arrived on the planet in recent times. The United Arab Emirates, on its first Mars mission, will place its Hope spacecraft in Mars orbit to learn more about the atmosphere of Mars, while China’s Tianwen-1 mission also includes an orbiter and a lander The rover will attempt to insert. Surface in the next few months

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