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Equity crew This week chewed through a trio of media stories, each dealing with private companies and their successes. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Axios was growing rapidly and near profitability. The newspaper also broke the news that Morning Brew could exit Business Insider for a possible payment of $ 75 million. In the meantime, we covered the news that The Juggnarrot raised $ 2 million for a publication focused on South Asian news.

Consequently, the conversation was quite indulgent and fruitless. It is always fun to celebrate other journalists finding success in different ways, and this week felt like a moment for the media news landscape. Because the subject is near our hearts, for better or worse, we are fitting our broader thoughts in this post about the future of media.

Our own Natasha Mascarenhas writes about how media inequality occurs and who succeeds, Danny Crichton has some very strong feelings about digital advertising, and Alex Wilhelm writes about how different media successes have been recently Giving heart to myself

So stop for a minute this weekend to illuminate the upward media world, a place where private capital and media economics have often fallen out.

This week, it was announced that advertising may not be a bad idea. Axios is reportedly expected to be profitable this year, and Morning Brew, Between $ 50 million to $ 75 million can be acquired by Business Insider, a free newspaper about Business Insight. Both these media companies make money from newspapers. And if you end the story, it is clear that news is not a fundamental aspect of our democracy – it also makes money.

But, the story should not end there.

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