Thor Director Kenneth Branagh Reflects on His Time Spent in the MCU

Today, Thor is know as a corner of the MCU. But there was a time when the first Thor film was coming out and the general audience was not interested in the character. It fell to actor / filmmaker Kenneth Branagh to greet the God of Thunder’s first film and make the audience fall in love with the space Viking. During a recent interview, Branagh spoke of helping to plant seeds for character development in future films.

“In a way, I think we put some emotional ballast on the front of the story, which means that he can bounce and develop that way, as he has and rather like in all the extraordinary ways Is what Thor comics do. There’s an amazing. Variety of story and character development inside 50-year-old comics. Movies are now doing with the character. “

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In the days when the MCU was still a new institution, the studio was struggling to find a way to the god-prince living from one planet to another. For Branagh, the way to do this was to base the character through a turbulent emotional journey.

“For me, I felt that it is really important that everything we set up has to do with her disappearance, the beginning of her rough diamonds, her tough relationship with her father and her brother . All of those things were always a tremendous possibility if. We could associate people with it with the authenticity of the character’s feelings. I think he fully committed to it and did it to the audience. After that, the world was his musk. Where they could go in that sense. There’s a parallel with the comics that if you make it, they’ll come, and somewhere in the center of it we got something right that allowed the characters to fly. “

After the success of the original ThorThe character was somewhat overwhelmed with sequels, Thor: Dark World, Considered to be the weakest film of MCU. But then the chain bounced back Thor: Ragrock, Which once again saw the God of Thunder dealing with family drama that threatened the existence of reality. Kenneth Branghfills insists on his first film Thor The family dynamics of the saga later allowed that factor to be a strong unifying force for the character of many different films and film production tones.

“I’m very happy that we had the dynasty saga at the beginning of the first one, where it was a very spontaneous personal family drama. I’ve got a lot of favorite moments in the film that have given other kinds of directions. Often, a lot Funny. I think we were right to do what seems like a very different world now. “

Branagh also said that someday he would be happy to return to the MCU to direct another film. For now, she is ready for Christopher Nolan’s release theory, Where Branagh plays the role of a Russian agent who can manipulate time. was the first to bring these quotes out of the woodwork.

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