This Vending Machine Gives Out COVID Tests, Not Candy Bars

From a distance it looks like a regular candy bar dispenser, but wake up nearby and you’ll quickly see that it’s a vending machine with a difference.

Uc san diego

There is no snack for this but gives COVID-19 test for free.

Ramping COVID testing across the US is an important part of combating the spread of coronaviruses, and the University of California at San Diego is doing its job.

In an effort to increase testing for students and workers, the educational facility has built a test-delivery vending machine and installed 11 of them at various locations throughout the campus.

The university said in a message on its website that following the self-administered testing process, the sample must be returned within 72 hours through a drop box located near vending machines.

It states that students living on campus or visiting the site should complete a COVID test on a weekly basis, with results expected to be available within two days of submission in the box.

Classes resumed on campus on 4 January, with one of the measures initiated by the university being a vending machine aimed at preventing the virus from spreading among its students and staff.

The university noted on its website that during the fall, its proactive strategies for detecting and preventing transmission of the virus proved effective, which so far remain “far below average” with the campus positivity rate.

California has been hit hard by COVID-19, with official figures recorded at 2.4 million – the highest in any state – and 4,500 died on January 26, at 2121, with only New York and Texas experiencing more fatalities Happened.

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