This thermal printer uses no ink, fits in your pocket and costs just $36

This thermal printer uses no ink, fits in your pocket and costs just $36
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The term “adorable” generally does not find its way into the description of most printers, but Peripage is not the most frequent printer. This fist-sized printer (about 3 inches square and 1.6 inches thick) bears a type (or is it a mouse?) With a design inscribed on top and comes in three colors – blue, pink or white. More to the point, it is a Bluetooth thermal printer and typically costs $ 45. You can get it now Peripage for $ 36 With promo code 6OP9C6QG, Which is its lowest price on record.

Peripage is a thermal printer, which means that it prints exclusively on thermal paper. By heating the paper as it passes through the print mechanism, you get a black and white printout without the need for any ink. Downside: It does not print in color. Upsides: You won’t need to buy a replacement ink cartridge or deal with a bloaty printout or clogged nozzle. It should be fully printable for the life of the printer, and quite economical, because thermal paper is cheap.

The main application for a printer like Peripage is to print labels for containers around the house, signs, lists, shipping labels and anything else you can think of. And yes, it will print photos, but they will be grayscale at around 200 dpi – not frame-worthy at all. That said, low-quality quick photography is all the rage these days, so if you want to try your hand at Lomo-style printing, Peripage can give you that look.

The printer works together with an app for your iPhone or Android device, and includes a 1,000 mAh battery, charged with the included USB cable. It works with a standard 57mm-wide roll of thermal paper, slid into a clamshell device, so it is completely self-contained for all your on-the-go printing needs.

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