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Companies increasingly recognize that the greatest stress for their employees is financial well-being. Even at innovative tech startups, people generally know how fast they know about money management.

But providing financial education to a workforce, which has become increasingly common, is largely useless as most employees will tell you. Information can be difficult to navigate, and it is often not personalized in a way that addresses an employee’s circumstances and goals, which change over time whether they are recent graduates, married, or Even keeping an eye on retirement.

Why is it that many working people look to external apps to better understand their financial picture and actually manage it.

This is an inaccurate opportunity, according to a growing number of founders who are working to move employers beyond education and are instead offering automated financial planning (with human involvement) in the form of employee perks.

Their understandable rationale: Providing benefits around fertility, family planning, and mental health, companies are amazing, missing the opportunity to address the very top priority for their employees to avoid financial trouble is.

Genesis, a year-old San Francisco-based company led by Matt Watson – whose last company was acquired in December – is among the newest entrants to make the case.

$ 12 million fresh endorsement in Felicis Ventures-led fund, General Catalyst, Founders Fund and early strip employee Lachie Groom’s involvement with, among others, the original Wants to be The place where employees can track financial milestones, seek professional advice from licensed financial planners, and take action, whether it is paying off student loans, building emergency savings, or right Looking for home and motor vehicle insurance.

Currently employed by 32 employees, there are six financial planners, and they can handle the unique circumstances of “the middle of thousands”, says Watson, who, after an employee initially sets up a plan, lives a life event. A lot can be automated until it changes. picture.

“If you only use technology, you’re only getting limited information,” he says, adding that access to Genesis’ planners is “unlimited”.

The company already has 15 customers with 250 and 5,000 employees, including the social network NextDoor; Cloud communication and collaboration software platform Fuz; And Therabody, whose Theragon Therapy tool is used by pro athletes and trainers to strengthen their muscles.

Watson says that all employees are paying $ 6 per month because it does not matter how much work the employees are doing. “The thing about financial stress is that it affects everyone equally. The higher your income, the more items you buy. “

Given that employees spend an estimated two to four hours each week dealing with their personal finances, an offer like Origin seems for employers looking for employers to improve both employee productivity and employee retention.

In fact, in earlier times the only thing to withdraw such offerings was that of open banking APIs today.

Now, the biggest challenge for Genesis is to get the attention of employers before the competition. For example, another startup that is developing financial planning services as an employee perk is Northstar, which was founded by Red Swan Ventures investor Will Peng. More established players, such as personally long-term betments, are also more focused on building relationships with employers who can use their offerings as employee resources.

Either way, the trend is a positive for employees who are living through an economic roller coaster right now and can generally use a lot of support with saving and saving for the future.

“Everyone struggles with finances,” says Watson, who worked in high-yield credit trading in the City of New York before moving to San Francisco to start his last company. “I’m not going to understand this stuff, and it’s complicated for me.”

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