This Queen’s Gambit-Inspired Hotel Brings the Hit Show to Life

This Queen's Gambit-Inspired Hotel Brings the Hit Show to Life

See Queen’s throne Come to life

There is no denying Netflix’s miniseries, which debuted last October, became an instant hit. The drama centers on the upcoming drama Beth Harmon (played by) Anya taylor-joey), An orphan who rises to the top as jackfruit chess player.

Established in the 1950s and mid-1960s Queen’s throne Brings on apathy. From lavish fashion to colorful décor, it is no surprise that the seven-part series drew everyone to its television. And now, fans can feel that they are actually part of the show.

21C Museum Hotel in Lexington, Ky. — the place where Beth grew up – was designed to look at one of its rooms as it was thrown out Queen’s throne. The room has more color of vibrant wallpaper, bedsheets and a key-lime pie. Also, the room is decorated with midcentury antiques, a stoked bar cart and of course, a vintage chess set.

according to this Architectural digest, Guests will find rare books along with places to visit in the city depicted on the show.

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