This mask doubles as a bluetooth headset

This mask doubles as a bluetooth headset

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Like it or lump it, masks are the things that happen everyday for a long time. Tech and gadgets For the coronavirus era Popping up all over CES 2021, A sub-digital version of the annual Consumer Electrification Showcase, and featuring products aimed at reducing friction while wearing masks.

An example of a nifty is the maskphone of binatone. It’s a $ 50 washable, N95 mask with a Bluetooth headset, so you can speak to people on the phone with unmasked voice.



The earbuds are connected by a cable clip that hooks around your ears, and the mask itself has buttons for play / pause and volume control. The mask also has Siri and Amazon integration, allowing you to play music with voice controls.

Binatone says that the Bluetooth headset will last up to 12. Yes, this means that you have to charge your mask.

It is one of several devices featured at CES that have been COVID-19 sewn to life. LG showed its range of air purifiers, Which included a battery-operated mask with a purifier, as well as a portable PureView Mini Purifier that you can take with you – if you are that type. Existing products have also been updated, such as LG’s new Insta View fridge that opens with voice commands and disinfects water with UV rays.

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