This Is Us Reveals the Fate of Randall’s Mother

This Is Us Reveals the Fate of Randall's Mother

this is us Is back and as destructive as ever.

Tonight, we learned Randall’s fate (Sterling K. Brown) Mother, and it turns out that we are not seeing Randall about meeting her birth mother. She is indeed dead, but she has only been dead for five years, as opposed to 40 years as everyone previously thought.

Randall discovered this information thanks to his mother’s friend – a Vietnamese man we’ve met a few times this season – who contacted her after the video of her dancing went viral. The man explained that he and Laura had met when they were in their 20s and knew each other until he died of breast cancer in 2015. He confirms what William told Randall (about Laura’s death after the birth of the child) as William knew.

After a little panic and a call with his therapist, Randall is now ready to find out what is going on and plans to meet this person in person.

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