This Is the Freakiest Space Station Video You’ll See All Year

People on the International Space Station need to use some down time outside of their daily chores and go to the spacewalk as people return to Terra Farma.

For a bit of fun, the current crew recently took the mannequin challenge in which everyone remains completely stationary while a camera records bizarre scenes. The performance of the challenge could not have been easier in microgravity conditions, but the international crew of astronauts clearly did a major job of it.

The result is a strange looking video (top), where everyone will easily maintain frozen poses at home at the Madame Tussauds wax museum.

Filmed by Russian Cosmonaut Sergey Rezikov, footage is shown (in order of appearance) Sergei Kud-Severchkov (Roskosmos), Victor Glover (NASA), Soichi Noguchi (JXA), Shannon Walker (NASA), Kate Rubins (NASA) , And Mike Hopkins (NASA).

Actually, this is not the only mannequin challenge that has occurred at orbit 250 miles above the Earth. Back in 2016, when the mannequin challenge first went viral, the crew at the space station recorded their effort (below). Judge for yourself which astronauts did the best job of it…

We took the whole crew together and took #ManquinChannel To new heights # Proxima

& mdash; Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) 29 December 2014

The current seven-man crew is already in the works, preparing for the imminent arrival of an unused Russian Progress 77 spacecraft with just one ton of nitrogen, water and propellant. After 33 revolutions of the Earth on its two-day journey, the spacecraft will automatically dock in the space station’s PIRS docking compartment on the Russian section on Wednesday, February 17 at 1:20 am.

NASA TV had planned to live stream the docking but a winter storm currently affecting NASA personnel and broadcasting capabilities in Texas has prevented it from providing coverage.

To find out more about daily life on the space station, watch these enjoyable videos made on board the ISS by visiting astronauts for the past 20 years.

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