This is the Apple Watch Series 6 – ClearTips

This is the Apple Watch Series 6 – ClearTips

As expected, the centerpiece of today’s big hardware event is the latest version of the 6. series. Apple completely dominates the smartwatch category, with the company currently owning about 30% of the Vrables category. Thus, it is no surprise, in fact, that the company has so far worked on the manufacture, which maintains a health focus for the device.

The biggest addition here is a new built-in sensor capable of measuring the color of one’s blood to determine oxygen levels in less than 15 seconds. The company was quick to tie the new oxygen detection facility to the current COVID status – although apparently no conclusions would be drawn beyond it. Like most features of the watch, the big news is the ability to alert the wearer to early signs of major issues rather than direct diagnosis.

Image Credit: Apple

Energy savings are always on-display in the new watch, which is designed to save on battery (for those new sleep features), dropping the brightness down when you’re in broad daylight. There is also an alt-on altimeter to monitor altitude while walking. Many new watch faces have been added, including new live memos and pride stripes.

The watch is powered by Apple’s new S6 Silicon. The dual-core processor was based on its A13 chip. The new watch features “our most colorful lineup yet,” according to the company. Here it means a new blue aluminum finish, graphite paint and – for the first time – a product red version. The watch has a new take on the silicon band design, as well – the Solo loop drops the standard band clasp.

This watch is currently for pre-order and will start at $ 399 on Friday.

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