These Brands Support LGBTQ+ Efforts All Year

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Pride Month may sound a bit different this year, but the sentiment remains the same: celebrating the LGBTQ + community and supporting similar efforts. While a lot of brands launch exclusive collections and announce month-long partnerships with LGBTQ + charities and organizations, there are brands that support the community throughout the year.

for example? Tomboyex, a fully inclusive gender neutral clothing brand that has given over $ 100,000 to various LGBTQ + causes and organizations, as well as making it their company mission to create problem-solving products for the LGBTQ + community that often Are hyper-sexualized and underrepresented. And Milk Makeup, a longtime partner of the center, is a downtown NYC safe space that provides critical programming and resources to the LGBTQ + community. There are also mendees who host LGBTQ + educational facilities in their offices to help responsible colleagues and community members, work to support their LGBTQ + team members, local to the LGBTQ + community Partner with resource centers and support LGBTQ + without using causes and non-profits. A Sales Based Model.

but that’s not all. To support more brands giving back to the LGBTQ + community throughout the year, check out our list below!

Tomboys 6 ”boy short boxer briefs

Over the years, the fully inclusive apparel brand TomboyX has given over $ 100,000 to various LGBTQ + causes and organizations, as well as making it their company mission to create products that solve problems for the LGBTQ + community Which are often hyper-sexualized and underestimated. As part of their new Pride collection, TomboyEx has launched five new prints, including representative prints, in a design that incorporates all LGBTUA + flags; Gendercare Pride Print, designed after the Gendercare flag; And the Trans Pride collection, with the trans community at the forefront. With the launch of Rainbow Waves Print, they are announcing a month-long virtual festival called “You Belong Here”, which will feature performances from Jay Som, Sassyblack and Hurray the Riff Rough. There are so many amazing pieces to choose from, but we love these gender neutral, eco-friendly and ethically constructed Boy Short Boxer briefs for comfort and simplicity, Rainbow Pride stripes run down either foot Huh. Get them in the size of xx 4X.

NYX Pride Edition Ultimate Shadow Palette

Announcing its Pride 2020 campaign, #ProudAlliesForAll is expanding the campaign beyond June to serve as a year-long celebration of the NYX Professional Makeup LGBTQ + community. The campaign, inclusive of Jeremy McClain, Hennessy Carolina, Cameron Lester and Erica LaPleur, aims to celebrate diversity within the LGBTQ + community and emphasize the importance of allies for all. The brand has partnered with the Los Angeles LGBT Center to create and validate all Pride messaging, and has donated over $ 50K to global LGBTQ + organizations including the LA LGBT Center. They have also started a Virtual Pride March via Instagram, and will launch a digital education platform to serve as a resource for the LGBTQ + community and its partners. Celebrate the rainbow with a limited edition version of their ultimate shade palette, now in exclusive rainbow packaging for Pride and featuring their signature vivid tones in matte, satin and metallic finishes.

MeUndies Unisex Hood Modal Rob

We have loved MeUndies for as long as we can remember for fabulously comfy and inclusive ginch and loungewear, but far more than that. In addition to building a more thoughtful and inclusive brand that includes hosting LGBTQ + educational facilities in their offices to help them be responsible partners and community members, they also work to support their LGBTQ + team members Do, work with local resource centers for the LGBTQ + community. And support LGBTQ + causes and non-profits without using a sales-based model. In addition, their own organization, MeUndies Returns, helps organizations that raise systemic barriers to self-expression through open dialogue and creativity. This year, they have partnered with @ItGetsBetterProject beyond just monetary donations, encouraging their community to share how their personal pride journey has improved, and why they are each #ProudtobeMe. As for what to buy from them, we highly recommend their unisex hooded modal robe, which is three times softer than cotton and comes in various cute prints.

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