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These 6 browser extensions will protect your privacy online – TechCrunch

Internet is not a private place. Ads try to learn more about you in order to sell your information to the highest bidder. The email address is when you open them and which link you click. And some of the biggest Internet snoops, such as Facebook and Amazon, follow you from site to site as you browse the web.

But this does not have to happen. We have tried and tested six browser extensions that will instantly improve your privacy by blocking most invisible ads and trackers.

These extensions won’t block all kinds of snooping, but they will greatly reduce your risk for most attempts to track your Internet activity. You may not care that advertisers have collected your data to know your tastes and interests to serve your targeted advertisements. But you can keep in mind that these advertising giants can see you what medical conditions you are seeing and which private purchases you are making.

By preventing these hidden trackers from loading, websites cannot collect more information about you. Also leaving unnecessary bulk, some websites will load faster. The tradeoff is that some websites may not load properly or you may refuse to enter them if you do not let them track you. You can turn extensions on and off as needed, or you can ask yourself if the website was good to start and couldn’t you find what you were looking for somewhere else?

HTTPS Everywhere

We are very diligent to see that little green lock in our browser to tell when a website is loaded over an HTTPS-encrypted connection in our browser. This means that the websites you have opened have not been hijacked or modified by an attacker before loading, and anything you submit to that website cannot be viewed by anyone other than the website . HTTPS Everyware is a browser extension created by the non-profit Internet group Electronic Frontier Foundation that automatically loads more websites than HTTPS where it is offered, and allows you to block a minority of those websites. Allows for those that do not support HTTPS. The extension is supported by most browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera.

Privacy badger

Another extension developed by EFF is one of the best all-in-one extensions to block invisible third-party trackers on privacy badger websites. This extension looks at all the components of a web page and learns which websites track you from website to website, and then prevents them from loading in the browser. The privacy badger also learns as you go on the web, so it gets better over time. And it requires no effort or configuration to work, just install it and leave it at that. The extension is available on most major browsers.

uBlock Origin

Advertisements are what keep the Internet free, but often at the cost of your personal information. Ads try to learn more about you – usually by watching your browsing activity and following you on the web – so that they can target you with ads that you are more likely to click on. Ad blockers prevent ads from loading in their tracks, but the tracking code that comes with it.

uBlock Genesis is a lightweight, simple, but effective, and widely trusted ad blocker used by millions of people, but also has a ton of grain and customization capabilities for the more advanced user. (Beware of impersonators: There are many ad blockers that are not trusted as much as those that use the same name.) And if you feel bad about sites that rely on ads for revenue ( Including us!), So consider membership. Site instead. After all, a free web that relies on ad tracking to make money is what we got with this privacy to begin with.

uBlock Genesis works in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge and the extension is open source, so anyone can see how it works.

PixelBlock and ClearurLs

If you think the trackers hidden in the websites were bad, wait until you are incognito in your email. Most brand name emails come with small, often invisible pixels that alert the sender when you open them. PixelBlock is a simple extension to the Chrome browser that simply blocks these hidden email open trackers for loading and working. Every time he detects a tracker, it shows a small red eye in your inbox, so you know.

Most of these emails also come with a tracking link that alerts the sender who clicks on your link. ClearURLs, available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, sits in your browser and silently removes tracking junk from every link in your browser and your inbox. This means that ClearurLs requires more access to your browser’s data than these extensions, but its creators explain why in the documentation.

Firefox Multi-Account Container

And an honorary mention for Firefox users, who can take advantage of multi-account containers built by the browser manufacturer itself to help you differentiate your browsing activity. This means that your browser may have a container full of your work tabs, and another container with all your individual tabs, protecting you from using multiple browsers. Containers keep your personal personal browsing separate from your work browsing activity. It also means that you can put sites like Facebook or Google in a container, which makes it more difficult for them to see which websites you visit and understand your tastes and interests. Containers are easy to use and customizable.

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