Thelma & Louise 30th Anniversary Drive-in Event Will Reunite Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis create an iconic movie moment in Ridley Scott’s Thelma & Louise and see their car lift off a cliff in a backdrop of police cars and helicopters. Now, in celebration, the pair are reuniting for the film’s milestone anniversary in a special campaign that takes place on June 18. In addition to giving the many fans of the actresses and fans of the film something special to mark the occasion, the event will also raise funds for The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media and the LA Regional Food Bank.

The event will begin with an in-depth conversation with the film’s leads, moderated by The Hollywood Reporter’s Rebecca Keegan, who is expected to recount her experience filming the film and other behind-the-scenes information Which fans may or may not know. Keegan shared news of the incident on his Twitter account, commenting that he remembered “watching” Thelma and Louise At the mall at 14 with my older sister and feeling the freedom, the excitement, the feeling of the wind in my hair, the feeling of being awake.” were most likely the sentiments of those who had seen the film three decades earlier and certainly loved it. was still being deemed a classic today.

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After an intimate conversation, the film will be screened at sunset for drive-in viewers, allowing them to once again watch the pair kill a man and unwittingly become outlaws after they flee to the Southwest. , which is always heading towards his unfortunate meeting with him. great canyon. Among the film’s many highlights, let us not forget that it stars Brad Pitt in one of his early film roles, as well as brilliant turns by Harvey Keitel and Michael Madsen.

When the film released in 1991, the audience reaction was like this Geena Davis It was not only the success of the film, he recalls, but also on his subsequent career choices. He said, “What was an intense reaction to the film. Thelma and Louise went off a cliff in the end, and yet the audience felt excited by their story. It made me realize how much we women want to come out of one.” Opportunities give. The film feels inspired and empowered by the female characters. It changed everything in how I chose the roles going forward.”

Susan Sarandon, who like Davis has become one of cinema’s iconic stars, also said that he had no idea the kind of impact the film was going to have culturally over the next thirty years. “While we were filming Thelma and Louise Thirty years ago, we didn’t know what kind of cultural impact it would have for decades,” she remarked. “At the time, it was revolutionary to have two women in a film who weren’t enemies and having fun together. on screen. I think that has been one of the biggest successes – today there are so many great female actors making films where women are not antagonistic and have the power to determine their own destiny.”

Upon its release, Thelma and Louise Criticized for portraying men negatively – proving that subject matter may have varied, such controversies have not changed over the years – but were a critical success, winning Best Actress for both Davis and Sarandon. It received six Oscar nominations, which is still the most recent film with two leads nominated in the same Best Actor or Best Actress category. The 30th anniversary drive-in takes place at Synapsia’s Greek Theater and all $75 tickets sold out soon after it was originally announced. This news originated in The Hollywood Reporter.

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