The Witcher Teases Mysterious Release Date, But What Is It For?

With the hope that Netflix will reveal a trailer, production update, release date…anything really… about its upcoming witchcraft projects, the morning began with a strange and unexpected reveal – Release date from official Twitter account witchcraft The game series that asked @WitcherNetflix if they were free on July 9th. The question no one knows the answer to is, what do they need to be free? There’s a lot going on in The Witcher’s world at the moment, with no way of guessing what it’s related to, but there is a suggestion that the release date for the animated spin-off is most likely Wolf’s Nightmare. Here’s how it went down.

The official Twitter handle @wichergame started the series today at 12pm, sending out the tweet, “Hey @WitcherNetflix, are you free on July 9th?”. The Neflix account then sent “Hello, @CDPROJEKTRED! Sure – want to meet?” This caused the game account to respond to both, “It’s a date!”

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Twitter immediately exploded with retweets, questions, theories and more as fans tried to figure out what was coming on July 9. While some suggested it could be Season 2 of Netflix‘s Main Witcher series, it’s too early for that, and so is their blood genesis By-product. While this may be the day for these two to announce air dates, it is something that is expected or at least being hinted at in the meantime. geeked week event that ends today and is rumored to bring out The Witcher The big guns as its finale.

We’ll find out later today if we get a release date or the first trailer for The Witcher’s second season geeked week, and its results may help clarify some of the alternatives being reported from Slate. The frontrunner at the moment, is the arrival of Wolf’s Nightmare, a 2D animated spin-off that is listed in Netflix’s upcoming movies but has no release date yet. The film centers on the origins of Geralt’s mentor, Vesemir, and in addition to being set to premiere this year, Netflix has been tight-lipped about when it can be expected to fall.

So now the question remains, will Netflix premiere the film without any kind of trailer or advance warning of the premiere date? It doesn’t seem likely. The trailer for that movie would seem more of a viable option, or we could have it all the wrong way and we could seeThe Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf trailer today, with The Witcher Season 2 or blood genesis His official first look is coming next month. One thing that is certain is that fans are going to follow it right over the wire with the anticipation of a building that will be on the edge of bursting by the time of July 9. It’s almost as if someone sat down and planned to do exactly that.

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