The Walking Dead’s Samantha Morton Hospitalized

The Walking Dead's Samantha Morton Hospitalized

Samantha Morton Expressing gratitude to health workers after hospitalization.

Walking Dead The actress took to Twitter on 4 January to urge her hospitalization and fans to wear masks amid the coronovirus epidemic. “Thanks to Vijay for all of you A&E staff who helped me tonight,” he tweeted, referring to Conquest Hospital in East Sussex, England. “I am so grateful to my NHS, for seeing the red zone first hand, and the nurses and doctors feeling so kind and wonderful to all of us. I am fine tonight because of them.”

While Morton did not explain the reason behind his hospitalization, he did refer to the “red zone”, which has been used to refer to coronovirus hot spots. She added, “#SaveOurNHS #WearAMask # COVID19.”

The message conveyed love to the fans concerned, wishing him a speedy recovery. “I’m on the mail,” he assured followers. “I’ll get there and thank you so much for the best wishes #SaveOurNHS #WearAMask.”

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