The Top 5 Trending Piercings of 2021

Ever since the COVID has hit the United States and we have gone into lockdown, nose and mouth piercings have become a huge NO-GO! This has forced piercers and piercing enthusiasts to get creative and have fun with a range of different piercings. If you have been on Instagram, you have seen all the different ways that the piercing game has evolved.

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1. Stacks!

Who said that a lobe piercing has to be traditional? There are so many different ways you can change up simple lobe piercings! Stacked lobes are more than one or two piercings, they are 3-5 perfectly curated designs that are adjourned with sparkles, opals, diamonds and even hoops! Getting a stack piercing is truly a way to show off a work of art on your body. Stacked piercings are balanced by your jewelry and your unique ear shape. These piercings are at the forefront of the most popular piercings of 2020.

2. Asymmetrical Compositions

We are moving away from the perfectly symmetrical ear and face piercings and moving in a whole new direction. The traditionally balanced or symmetrical piercings are getting a creative makeover and they are right on-trend. After getting a cluster of piercings on each ear or side of the face you are going to get a whole new look. Each side of the face is going to be 100% unique and the one-off piercings are adding character to your overall look. Can you imagine an off-centered eyebrow piercing or a cute dermal piercing on the side of the face? Asymmetrical piercings are about forgetting the rules and having fun.

3. The Scaffold or Industrial Piercing

Industrial piercings are two piercings connected by a single straight barbell through cartilage on the upper ear. The tricky part of this piercing is that it needs to be perfectly placed to avoid hypertrophic scarring or rejection. When done by a reputable piercer this piercing is absolutely gorgeous and one of a kind. This is a cartilage piercing that will truly stand out. The other aspect of this piercing is the jewelry options. There are so many different options, included different gems in the middle of the barbell and different shapes that are bent in the middle of the barbell! If you can think it, you can find it! The industrial piercing is different, trendy, and totally customizable. Ad

4. Belly Button or Navel Piercing

Don’t let COVID kill your summer vibes. The belly button piercing is going to look fantastic with any crop top or bathing suit style. This iconic piercing is classic and in style. It is a piercing that can be easily hidden or heavily adorned. This is a hot piercing because almost anyone can have this done. If you don’t have the right anatomy for a traditional navel piercing, don’t worry because there are other options! You can always get a floating navel or an inverse navel piercing. There are jewelry styles for each of these piercings and there is no limit to your creativity!

5. Nipple Piercings

Nipple piercings are fun and empowering! There are so many different aspects of a Nipple piercing. It can sometimes increase sensation and it can be a very body-positive act. It is a way to feel confident about yourself and you don’t need to show it to know you have them pierced. Both men and women can get their nipple pierced and they can wear jewelry that will stand out or jewelry that is small or discreet. Sometimes, it is fun to have a piercing that only you know you have! Have fun and spice up your life with this piercing.

Piercings are not for one group of people. It is 2021 and its time to have a positive body image! A piercing can be simple or elaborate and it is all about how it makes you feel. There are no “rules” or groups of people who get pierced. Traditional piercings are becoming mainstream looks that are not judged or looked down upon. In the last few years, piercings have become a more accessible way for you to get creative with your look.

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