The Prey Teaser Trailer Has Danny Trejo Going Nuts on One Nasty Monster [Exclusive]

The Prey Teaser Trailer Has Danny Trejo Going Nuts on One Nasty Monster [Exclusive]

Prey The teaser has landed. This sci-fi thriller stars Danny Trejo and looks intense. The ’80s-style Monster Movie Center is on some American soldiers trapped in a cave in Afghanistan. As they seek their way, they are attacked by a mysterious creature. It’s something heavy Cruel Vibes, although it occurs at this time in a desert rather than a forest. Prey In the United States and Canada will be released in the fall on all digital platforms and all cable carriers.

Danny Trejo Has done a lot during his life, but dealing with a monster in Afghanistan is one of his biggest roles. Trejo is out to promote his latest project, Inmate # 1: The Rise of Danny Trejo, Which takes a long look at their downfall and subsequent rise. Trejo spent a decade in prison and has seen a few things, although he was not a monster in the desert. He explains.

“There are two kinds of people in jail. There’s hunters and hunting there and you have to decide you’re going to be there every morning. And you can decide you’re going to be a hunter, but somebody else has decided That you’re going. To hunt. It’s probably the most stressful place you’ll ever be. “

For the most part Danny Trego was a hunter in prison, not a hunt. With this being said, he is perfectly fine with this time being on lockdown. While most people complain about being indoors, Trejo loves it, especially when compared to prison. He has everything he needs, including his beloved Nintendo Switch, which allows him to play animal crossings throughout the day. The actor recently showed his island, which makes him very happy.

Danny Trejo has been in films for many years and recently found out how he chooses his roles. Trejo says, “If they want me to play the role of the bad guy and the bad guy lives and the girl meets, I won’t do it.” Trejo, on his part, needs some realism, or he is not going to do that, although there is nothing real about the monster Prey. Trejo had this to say about taking on various roles.

“The bad guy’s got to die or go to jail and I’ll do it. When I go to talk, I tell the youngsters I haven’t known as a successful drug dealer … and they say , ‘What about Chapo!’ And I say that Chapo was buried! All those people are dead or in prison forever. “

Prey Stars Danny Trejo, Nick Chindlun, Kevin Greivics and Adrian Paul. It was written by Matthew Hensman and Gustavo Sainz, while Ser Hensman, Lance Mikio and Gustavo Sainz serve as producers. Hensman, Joel Schechter, Juan Feldman and Rene Velujat serve as executive producers. You can watch the exclusive clip Prey up.

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