The Most Expected Games on PS5

The Most Expected Games on PS5

PlayStation 5 is almost here, and although Sony has already announced several games for it, there are still many announcements to be made. We’ve made a list of 20 games we want to see on PS5, including some remakers of the best PS4 games. We are not including any games from the PS5 Future of Gaming event, because, well, they have already been announced. All our selections are based on speculation, although there is some significant evidence to back it up.

All images outside the “PS4 Remasters” category are taken from previous entries in their respective series.

Further studies

PS4 remnants

The Last of Us: Part 2

Our last part 2

In 2013, Naughty Dog released The last of us A few months before the launch of PlayStation 4, and later the game was sent to the system the following year. We fully expect this to happen as well The Last of Us: Part II, Which released a few weeks ago. Given the universally critical acclaim of Naughty Dog and the technical capabilities of the PS5, The Last of Us: Part II Will help show new buyers Why the He invested in the next generation of consoles. And we won’t get another new coat of paint as opposed to the original game.

Death trap

To be completely honest, we were surprised when Hideo Kojima’s Death trap All announced for the 2019 release and fully expected the game to launch for the PS5 with the PS4 version. That said, one of the titles of such an acclaimed director is a shoo-in for a PlayStation 5 port, and given the realistic visual style used to present popular stars such as Norman Reedus and Leah Sedoux, Higher resolution and better lighting can only make things better. In addition, the game is coming to PC soon, meaning the PS4 release should be accompanied by PS5 hardware.

Tsushima’s ghost

Tsushima's ghost

Tsushima’s ghost PS4 arrives late in life, launching after The last of us part ii. Saqqara Punch’s feudal Japan action-adventure game is stylish and violent without bombs, and the short appearances we’ve done so far have highlighted a brutally skilled combat system that other Samurai-style games have Reduces attractive moves. Nioh or Secaro: Shadows Die Twice. There is a playable version of the result Seven samurai And one we want to see in 8K. Like other rumored games, this is a very safe bet Tsushima’s ghost Will appear on PS5.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Square Enix Dreams Square Enix jrpg creator arrives early

Square Enix is ​​taking a bizarre approach to release Final Fantasy VII RemakeStarts with an opening episode that only covers events through Midgar. Nevertheless, Square has delivered on the promise of fleshing outside the world, clocking in anywhere between 30 and 40 hours with the first release. It must be a few years before we see episode two, and considering the PS5 is launched later this year, the first episode is all confirmed for Sony’s upcoming console.


God of War 2

Perhaps no PlayStation franchise in history has experienced such a successful reinforcement as God of war, Which made the trench feel more mature, more granular, for combo-based battles and more-mature violence. And It is more fun to play. There is no doubt that Sony Santa Monica is currently working on a sequel, and given that the previous game dug the Greek gods for Norse mythology, the possibilities are essentially endless. Can Kratos go toe-to-toe with Thor or Odin as well, and will the world perish in the process? Given the huge sales numbers charged by the 2018 game, we’ll find out sooner rather than later.

Neer 3

nier automata robot fight
NEAR: Automata / Square Enix

2017 saw the release of tremendous games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild And Super mario odyssey, But Square Enix, PlatinumGames, and director Yoko Taro still managed to attract attention NEAR: AutomataA stunning game between robot-killing action that told an emotional survival story. It was the first game from Tarot to receive much critical acclaim and was a sales success for Square Enix, and we already know that as a prequel work Nier: Repulsive. However, we do not know if we will get the sequel.

Devil may cry 6

Speaking of games that surprise us, Devil may cry 5 There was a far better action game than just guessing about anyone, especially given that it had been over a decade Devil May Cry 4 Released. The sequel not only gave Dante and Nero more advanced and effortless step-sets, but wrapped it into a terrifying storyline that brought together fan-favorite characters for an epic showdown. After the way it wrapped, Devil may cry 6 Can be a very different game, and it is one that we can’t wait to master in PlayStation 5.

Blood seed 2

Best ps4 games bloodshed

With software, the developer has probably created the biggest game, Bloodborne Took the structure of Dark Souls and threw it into a terrifying form, the Lovecraftian nightmare filled with dangerous creatures. This was felt somewhat limited by the hardware of the PS4, running at 30 frames per second and suffering from some long loading times, but the major boost offered by the PS5 should measure those issues in a sequel. That is, if we get a sequel. Hard at work with software Alden Ring, As much as we know, and for spirits-liking the palate may be slightly dry between that and Demon spirits Remake.

Grand theft auto 6

Sony confirmed that Grand Theft Auto 5 Will launch on the next generation of consoles, which is insane given the original game released on the PS3 and Xbox 360. This enhanced version will provide a new life Grand theft auto online, Sure, but we want to see a new game in the series. Rockstar is in the business of releasing the game generation-by-generation, dating back to the days of the original PlayStation. PS5 should not be different.

action Adventure

Syphon Filter

Best ps1 game siphon filter

Sony, how could you forget about your one-time sweet-action series, Siphon Filters? It’s been over 12 years since its release Logan’s Shadow, And since then little news has been offered on the return of the siphon filter. We’ve got a few crosses, including a possible crossover Days gone, But we want to return to the classic spy gameplay that made the series great. With very little detective play – until Split Cell makes a comeback – since then it will serve viewers looking forward to a new spy thriller Metal Gear Solid V Released in 2015.

Marvel’s Spider Man 2

Sony recently announced Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Which has neither an expansion nor a sequel. It is the same in the realm Untethered: The Lost Legacy, Mile Morales Seems like a small side story. In short, we are still waiting Spider man 2. Having become the fastest selling PS4 exclusive (now a title) at launch, it is inevitable that the game will get a proper sequel. The last of us part Second).

The shooters

kill zone


PS4 launch game Killzone: Shadow Fall Ended on a huge rock, with a single bullet possibly changing the entire course of the war between ISA and Helgast. Although its campaigns and multiplayer did not reinvent the wheel, they were well designed and demonstrated the power of the then-new system. A sequel to the PS5 can also do this, although guerrilla appearances with one The horizon The sequel means that it should be developed by a separate studio. Nevertheless, we have to know what happens next in war, and if we are fighting the wrong side all this time.


Another shooter franchise we’ve heard in a long time, BioHawk Maybe Could end with Of infinity Universe-blending twist, but there is still much left to explore for the acclaimed series of 2K games. Whether it takes us back to Columbia, the Raptors, or a completely new world, we want to meet more curious and tortured characters, but we would probably do the same without Ken Levine and his team. Now part of the much smaller Ghost Story games, Levine focuses on creating small fiction adventures, but Bioshock 2 Taught us that other manufacturers can create a fantastic bioshock, as well.

Wolfenstein III

MachineGame definitely knows what it’s doing with the Wolfenstein series – heavy spinoff young blood Being an exception – and the stakes have become higher with each subsequent game. BJ Blazkowicz is now an elderly man, but that is not going to stop him from taking a shotgun and a handcuff to every Nazi’s skull he encounters. Their enemies probably include some robots and even Meh-Hitler, and we will not wait for the chance to finish the fourth Reich and put our corpse in a bloody pulp under our boots.

role playing

Person 4

He’s a clown, kid! Enjoyed huge critical success after Person 5Expectations for the sequel are confronting the roof. Like all the great games in the Megami Tensei franchise, it is better for us to know as little of the game as possible, and we are confident that Atlas did not disappoint us. Given the sheer size of the game and fan standards, however, we bet that it will still be a few years before our show Person 4, And we have to play countless spinoff games while waiting. Atlus completely bypassed the PS3 generation with the Persona series, so hopefully we’ll see at least one mainline game on the PS5.

Monster hunter

Capcom’s best-selling game of all time was also a fantastic comeback to the homecoming of Monster Hunter, and where the franchise will live in the future. Monster Hunter: World’s Sheer scale – made only with greater Iceborne Expansion – made it a role-playing game that can be enjoyed for hundreds of hours, and the sequel only needs to give more to the players that they liked the first time. This means dozens of powerful monsters to battle, adorable feline companions, and lots of weapons to attempt in the field.


There is a lot to be sure that Bethesda Game Studio is doing. Although what the studio is doing, we do not know. At E3 2018, Bethesda announced Starfield And Elder Scrolls VI And both should have the scale of any normal Bethesda release. We all know what both are about Starfield Coming first Elder Scrolls VI. We believe the latter will be great, but we are very excited about it Starfield. Given Bethesda’s history of building vast worlds with deep lore, it will be interesting to see what the studio does with IP in addition to The Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

Dragon quest twelfth

After several successful releases on the PS2, the Dragon Quest franchise left the PS3 generation altogether. JRPG promoter shows back on PS4 Dragon Quest XI, And although it’s great, we need a new mainline game. It’s been three years since the previous release, and given the rhythm of the franchise’s four to five years of development, we should see something soon. At the very least, we hope that Square Enix will not decide to abandon the PS5 altogether.


Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal 2

Playstation all-stars battle royal

Therefore, Sony has already made such an announcement, though as Stars of destruction. A very clear reference to the original Playstation all-stars, Stars of destruction Confirmed for PlayStation 5, although there is no other console. It’s a mash-up Overwatch And Folded metal, Where the two teams face off against each other in the form of vehicles with a machine of death. Still, we like to see a proper sequel Playstation All-Stars. Sony certainly has enough brand recognition to make a sequel with the PS4’s massive install base, and requires a true competitor for Smash Bros.

Sports and racing

MLB: The Show

MLB show 19 reviews

The best sports franchise around today is also exclusive to PlayStation, and Sony is almost certainly going to continue MLB: The Show As we move to PS5. Already, it was praised for its incredibly realistic visuals for players and environments – in addition to ray tracing and even higher resolution live broadcasts on ESPN would make the game even more difficult to tell. Its “Road to the Show” mode remains a favorite, allowing you to build a player from AA through Major League, and more than enough to keep baseball fans happy until next year’s game comes out. .

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