The Most Disturbing Revelations in the College Admissions Scandal Doc

The Most Disturbing Revelations in the College Admissions Scandal Doc

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Former stanford sailing coach John Vandemore, Which agreed to accept two donations from Singer for the sailing program in exchange for two places in the school (nor did the applicant complete the process,) He was the first of the 50 people to be sentenced after being found guilty of conspiring to commit racketeering. With the judge determining that he was the least guilty of involving anyone, as he never sought to enrich himself, he received two years of supervised release, the first six months in which he was under house arrest Had to serve. He completed his sentence in December 2019.

Taking part in the film, Vandemauer recalls, when Singer first approached him, to inquire about a place for the cardinal YuseiMolly “Zhao. The coach said that he was recruited for the year. Life progressed, but Singer later contacted her to thank her – Molly got in and her family wanted to donate $ 500,000 for the sailing program, nothing seemed to go away. When Vandamauer mentions Singer to his bosses, he says, the chief athletic director said, “Oh, yes, I know Rick.” in the University. It spent $ 770,000 in donations received through Singer for a variety of causes. “

Robert fisher, Vandamauer’s lawyer says that the $ 500,000 — which was seemingly attached to the wire — “could be a heavy payment to access the campus sailing program.”

Prosecutors alleged that the Zhao family (pharmaceutical billionaires in China) paid Singer $ 6.5 million and then Singer gave $ 500,000 for the sailing program. No one in the Zhao family was charged with any crime, but Molly, who started Stanford in 2017, was expelled when she was a woman. A lawyer for her mother told new York Times In May 2019, he was a victim of the Singer Scheme and believed that he was donating $ 6.5 million to the school.

The lawyer said, “This lenient act was done not only for the well being of the school and its students, but also by the loving and support of Yusi by a caring mother.” Number of schools “through ordinary channels.”

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