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APX is an early stage Accelerator in Berlin, but it’s not your average accelerator – it’s essentially a joint venture between Axel Springer and Porsche, the German automaker’s giant European publishing house. Earlier this month, we sat down with Jorge Rynboldt, the managing director of APX, to discuss whether APX is different and how it is creating a coronovirus epidemic season.

Reinbold has considerable experience as both an entrepreneur and investor. He co-founded Alando.de, which was acquired by eBay In 1999 and the charity forum betterplace.org in 2007. In 2013, he became CEO of Axel Springer During his time as Plug and Play and as an investor, he invested in companies such as N26, Zizoo, Blogfoster and Careship.

“We started APX because Plug and Play Wanted to be a platform for matchmaking between startups and corporates, “Rinboldt said when I asked him about the origins of the project. “We, the team, enjoyed investing in early stage companies and Axel Springer also enjoyed investing in early stage startups. So we decided to stop investing in new companies Axel Springer Plug and Play. We had invested in 102 companies – and the focus[ed] On finding interesting teams to invest with a new company that we needed to find. “

Image Credit: Dominic Tryba

Reinboldt took his boss, Axel Springer’s current CEO, Mathias Daufner, into the discussion, who encouraged him to find another shareholder. “If it’s only for us, then you have to do what we want – and maybe you don’t want to,” he said Dopfner told them. In search of a partner, Rynboldt approached Porsche Family, whom he had met at his previous investor events. The family was looking to diversify their portfolio, so after a few more meetings, including a presentation at Porsche’s leadership summit, the two companies decided to get into the business together.

One interesting point that Rynbold noted – and not so much as a general observation about the Porsche family – is that family offices are often resistant to being held in venture capital, at least in Germany .

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