The modern mobile app needs a revamp – TipsClear

The modern mobile app needs a revamp – TipsClear

Hey everyone, welcome back to the review week. Last week, I wrote about Apple’s App Store controversy, which I’m looking at again this week to see how Apple’s WWDC announcements change, looking fundamentally like apps in the future.

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The big story

Apple’s App Store has had a controversial month with developers calling for changes to the way the app is monetized, but as Apple elaborates the next versions of its operating system at WWDC, it’s clear That he believes has room to fundamentally reinvent itself in third-party apps.

This week at WWDC, Apple introduced App Clips, a fast new segment of third-party experiences The idea of ​​an app scales around a single feature or two. A user can quickly call an app clip via a URL, NFC tag or visual code and download when the correct reference arrives. In many ways this is just another notification type that has reached more limits for devs, but the thinking behind it is Apple’s following Continued interests to deepen third-party integration within the operating system itself.

We’ve operated an app paradigm for so long, but as Apple thinks of platforms like AR Glass in the future, it’s kind of obvious that grid-based apps are not very efficient. The company has learned this very slowly with the Apple Watch, but sometimes it’s almost better for third-party experiences to feel like an addendum to stock apps rather than a dedicated silent platform. Complications are huge for the Apple Watch, but they also highlight how devices with limited screen real estate are not great platforms for developers to compete with the device.

There is plenty of room for Apple that not only looks at how apps are sold and discovered but also how they function fundamentally. It is clear that Apple is interested in a more contextually rich third-party experience within iOS. The most aggressive implementation of this was the creation of an internal app store buried within iMessage in iOS 10, although follow-up to that initiative has been fairly light. It could be extended to other stock apps to increase offerings with third-party tweaks, but Apple reluctantly has to move on to ship experiences that aren’t as good of its own.

The idea of ​​grid-based applications on the home screen is not always efficient for users, and while the App Store has given the company huge revenue, it’s clear that Apple is still thinking about how to structure that experience Go Widgets and app clips allow users to focus on the actual usefulness of the app, and I’m curious if it’s really a good thing for developers. I think the more time users spend using these bite-size experiences, the less time they actually click on apps, which dampens the opportunities for those developers to build sustainable platforms.

This short experience is pushing Apple developers to piggy-back from the long-reigning trend in China. WeChat’s mini-program network is unlike anything in the US. WeChat has long dominated and intrigued Western companies, and while efforts have been underway for years to recreate the format of third-party integration on mobile, some have been successful in changing core functionality that There are apps available from the App Store.

It is unclear whether Apple has any major threats that could take this route. Facebook has drastically reduced the ambitions of its developer platform after Cambridge Analytica and its developers have been so burned that Facebook seems ill equipped to pretend to ever be here. An exception might be Messenger, though its team would have to pursue its failed chatbot efforts from several years ago. Earlier this month, Snap announced that it would integrate the lightweight app into Snapchat’s chat section. The feature was launched with only a handful of third party experiences and was integrated into the same segment in which Snapchat offers its launcher for mini games.

A host of app clips, widgets, Siri suggestions, and more minute features portray a vision of more aggressive efforts to bring app experiences closer to silicon, drag them out of the app grid and test their usefulness Go. As Apple identifies opportunities to place references at the forefront of accessing third-party integration, how can they also differentiate developers for their vision of the future without stripping them?

amazon zoox

The trend

Amazon buys zox
Amazon is the latest tech giant to buy its way into the self-driving car industry. The company announced on Friday that it would acquire autonomous car startup Zox. The company raised nearly $ 1 billion and the Financial Times reports that Amazon is getting its hands on the company for $ 1.2 billion. Read more JIagain.

Microsoft kills mixer
The race to take down Amazon Twitch became much more interesting this week when Microsoft shared that it was bowing out of the game-streaming race and shutting down its Twitch competitor, the mixer. The service began with a long road ahead that Microsoft aimed to shorten by acquiring exclusive streaming rights to some of the world’s top gaming celebrities. Obviously, this was not enough. Read more about it here.

Facebook kills Oculus Go
This week, I wrote about how Facebook is selling the cheapest VR device, hitting the $ 149 Oculus Go headset. The device has already been sold for weeks, but Facebook’s shutdown of the two-year-old device surprises the company’s previous statements as it said it would receive updates down the line. Read more here.

Extra crunch

Investors and entrepreneurs are shifting their chats to zoom, so we’re having a live Q&A discussion with some of Tech’s most-viewed figures for their additional crunch customers. We will be hosting these additional crunch live chats over the next several weeks.

  • Later this month, we’ll talk together Hans Tung and Jeff Richards of GGV Capital
    Tuesday, June 30 at 12:30 pm PT / 3:30 pm ET

Hans Tung and Jeff Richards are partners in GGV Capital, a global VC firm that invests from seed to startup through a growth phase. The firm has invested in well-known companies such as Slack, Square, Peloton, Zendsk, Hashicorp, ByteDance and AirBnB. During our talk, we’ll examine how the investment appetite of the two has changed in recent months, what it means to be a globally focused investor amid the epidemic, and how their mom and pop shop investment thesis is working .

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