The MixtapE! Presents Chloe x Halle, Leon Bridges and More New Music

New Music Fridays are a thrilling, yet challenging prospect for any music lover.

It is essentially a weekly holiday where fan-favorite artists and newcomers alike leave their latest offerings around the world to listen, enjoy awesome dolls with streaming services and digital retailers. But who has time to sit there and listen to everything before they update their playlist? There is just so much good stuff! (And, if we’re honest, usually smells something, too)

As it turns out, we do. Welcome to the mixtape!

Another week down, music lovers. And at the moment when things may seem over-the-top, what has not changed is the beauty available to us through our Spotify playlist, and the foulness at the bottom. As the industry slowly begins to return to business as usual, new releases have seen a ups and down, leaving much to be missed and become part of your permanent rotation.

As usual, we heard this (almost) all and returned to hand with the best of the best of the week.

Your playlist for the weekend of June 12-14, 2020 has arrived. You are welcome.

Mixtape !, Chloe x Halle, Leon Bridges

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Chloe x Halle – “Please forgive me”

Bailey sisters did That. During their 13 tracks on their recently released soporum album ungodly hour, To Groan-ish Stars and Beyonce The proteges have certainly made the case that they are not just the future of R&B, but of music. full stop. If you are looking for an entry point, start with this stunning track, but make time for a full listening party. They deserve it.

Leon bridge Feat. Terrace Martin – “sweet”

The neo-soul singer gives a whisper as he illuminates his race and his place in America. “Hoping to sweeten life more,” he concedes in the chorus on a sparse production that allows his vocal to stand powerfully front and center. “Instead I’m just repeating a story / Why I feel skin black as night / Can’t feel peace with the eyes that soothe the eyes.”

Teyana Taylor Feat. Faith – “wake up love”

Teyna and her husband Iman shupert Team up for this romantic romp that is only anticipating the imminent release of her upcoming LP The album to grow. And who doesn’t love a surprise pregnancy?

Jorja Smith – “Rose Rouge”

British R&B singer St Germain sends six minutes of pure, unadulterated jazz to this cover of the track which serves as the lead single from the upcoming compilation cover album Blue Note Re-imagined.

Aluna Feat. SG Lewis – “Warrior”

Aluna Francis Electronic duo AlunaGeorge continues her solo effort with this sultry single which sees her teaming up with the producer of Deep Home. “In a statement I said of the shimmering track,” I have seen black women speaking, risking their lives and enjoying their blackness in a world that does not celebrate it. “” This song is my queen for you because you have to fight for that right even when you are getting soft and soft, soft and sweet. ‘Warrior’ is a portrait of a woman in shadow. He has to see for himself, rather than calling on the soul of that warrior and waiting for others, the one who makes us fearless to be ourselves. “

T-Pain – “get up”

Auto-tune king and Masked singer Season one winner returns for the time with an anthem, reminding those that “the only thing that matters is what you do when you get up.”

Shamir – “On your own”

The non-binary musician returns with this excellent all-pop anthem inspired by a recent break-up. The track’s indie rock-inspired sound has their countertonor vocals right at home, due this fall, an exciting indication of things to come on their upcoming LP.

Keena Leyde – “Dear Mr President”

Gives the rising star an occasional and stirring update roseThe iconic track of 2006. By the time you stop listening, the pain in his voice will be with you.

Young Tea And Bugsey Feat. DaBaby – “Do not rush”

For the second official remix of their track, which Ticketock has taken to the storm, the British duo looked foreign and tapped DaBaby for a guest verse that is superb.

Dua Saleh – “Cat Scratch”

Non-binary Sudanese-American artists extricate themselves in their own thrilling way with the release of their second EP, Rosetta. Instead of trying and describing something that is truly indescribable, we just encourage you to take a ride. Once you do, you will understand.

bonus track:

Naeem – “Stone Harbor”: The artist is formally known Spunk rock Returns with Startisha, His first album in nine years and the first recorded using his real name. This garage-inspired track is an early standout, a love song written for her lover.

John batiste – “We late Show The bandleader presents a ritual anthem that will take you to church.

Ruth B. – “If I Have A Son”: On this haunting track, the Black Canadian singer addresses her very real apprehensions about welcoming a son into the world.

UMI – “Pretty Girl Hi!”: The rising R&B star climaxes this sun-soaked latest single.

Andrea Vale – “Wild”: Philadelphia-based R & B / neo-soul singer, delivers a true contender for Song of the Summer. This is one you will crave for a hot night spent on a sweaty dance floor.

Glad to hear!

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