The Meg 2 Is Happening with Rebecca Director Ben Wheatley

Meg 2 Warner Bros. is officially happening. The studio has tapped Rebecca film producer Ben Wheatley giving instructions. Jason Statham is expected to return for the sequel, though it is yet to be officially confirmed. Late summer 2018 was dominated Meg, Which was able to earn $ 530 million globally, a number that greatly shocked box office analysts at the time. A sequel was talked about after the first installment opened in theaters, but this is the first official news we’ve heard in a year.

John and Eric Hoerber wrote the most recent draft Meg 2. Both started working from the initial draft by Dean Georges. The Hoybers and Georges also wrote the original film. Producer Lorenzo Di Bonavantura talked about the writing process in April 2019, but he probably did not want to be told about dealing with author Steve Allen’s books in the sequel. “I think a little bit and I’m going to reserve the comment because I don’t want to send people in the wrong direction until I read it,” the producer said.

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Steve Allen wrote Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror back in 1997 and has since written 6 more books. Meg There is another in the series and by the way. The first book and film revolve around a giant megalodon, originating from the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the world’s ocean located in the Pacific Ocean. Jason Statham played the role of a United States Navy diver tasked with rescuing scientists from prehistoric sharks.

Disney was the first person to actually buy the rights Meg Back in the 1990s, but it stayed in development hell for many years. Warner Bros. lifted the rights in 2015 and quickly defeated the project with the cast announced the following year. The cast of the first installment includes Jonas Taylor as Jason Statham, Lee Bingbing as Suyin, Rain Wilson as Jack Morris, Ruby Rose as Jax, Winston Chao as Dr. Minway Zhang, Page Kennedy as DJ , Jessica McNamee as Lori Taylor, Lori Taylor, Allafur Darry. Ó Luffson as Wall, Dr. as Robert Taylor. Heller, Maying as Sophia Kai, Masi Oka as Toshi, and Cliff Curtis as James “Mac” Macherides.

Lorenzo Di Bonavantura and Belle Avery are returning as producers on 2 Mega. At this time, it is unclear when the production of the film will begin. For now, we’ll have to wait and see who will join Jason Statham if he decides to return. When asked about a sequel in 2018, Statham said, “Well, I think it’s anything in this day and age. If it makes money, there’s obviously a hunger to make more money.” ” It made a lot of money, so he would probably come back. The Hollywood Reporter was first reported Meg 2 news.

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