The Meg 2 Director Teases More Than One Giant Shark and Massive Megalodon Mayhem

When it comes to monster movies, franchises often face the question of how to put a series when they are based around a monster without getting repetitive. In the case of 2018 Meg, A film about Jason Statham fighting a giant, prehistoric shark that earned more than half a billion dollars at the box office, the answer seems to be “more is better”. Filmmaker Ben Wheatley, who will be helming Meg 2, Has recently hinted to DenOfGeek that the film may see Statum facing off against not one, but many giant, prehistoric sharks.

“I don’t think I can say what’s going on right now, ins and outs [the story]. But guaranteed, there will be one megalodon – probably more than one.

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Based on the novel, Meg: D Novel of Deep Terror By Steve Allen, Meg There was a co-production between Hollywood and the Chinese film industry. The story revolves around a group of scientists who encounter a megalodon shark of about 80 feet in length during a rescue mission at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Leading the mission is the Statham diver played by Jonas Taylor, played by Statham, who previously lost two members of his crew to “Meg” Shark, and became bitter and depressed at the fact that Nobody believed her story. After a long, hard fight, Jonas and the others succeed in killing Meg, only to find out that it is the offspring of a very large shark.

The film ended with the elder Meg completing his demise after being badly injured and surrounded by a murderous shark. But at the climax, it was indicated that more members of the Megalodon species had survived the depths of the ocean, where they had hid for so long, establishing a possible sequel. According to Wheatley, the sequel will take action to a new level.

“I am doing storyboarding on Meg 2 at the moment. It has been going on for four months, five months. It is my place of joy, I am doing storyboarding. Yes, I am cutting storyboards and watching animatics, and Slowly producing the film. It’s really exciting. It’s a massive mass action. “

This is not the first franchise to be associated with Statham, which debuted at a relatively grassroots level, but grew more ridiculously with each new installment. The same thing happened with Transporter Series and Fast and furious. Despite the over-the-top tone of the sequel in those franchises, Statham never fails to bring his rugged, no-nonsense gravitas into his roles, which helps sell the premise, even as he battles a prehistoric shark swarm. Had to do for .

Given the breakout success of the original Meg, Its sequel is also expected to do well, and confirmed to be Statham’s return to the lead role, as well as input into the story development process. It will be interesting to see if the actor manages to build another billion dollar franchise for himself from scratch. This story comes from the Den of Geek.

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