The Masked Singer Is Playing With Our Patience

We knew this was going to happen, and yet we are crazy about it.

The mask singer Just not yet another celebrity, but not really. They did, but they didn’t even know? Mostly, what he did was a trick on us, after a few episodes of his Kermit the FrogA puppet – pop out of a giant snail. This time, he introduced a new “wild card” contestant, who was in the same vein as Orca and Crab.

The Bulldog appeared there to attempt to steal a spot in the competition from one of the other contestants, but there was something off about him. His voice was odd, and his costume was completely less ornate than the others. It was essentially just a mask and a tracksuit – a nice track suit, of course, but not one that would win any costume awards.

Then, when it was time to vote on who wants to be in the competition, the guest host Low Nash Announced that she was really just going to choose who would take off their mask, and it was the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs then take off their mask and reveal themselves to be … regular hosts Nick cannon.

By Jothi Venkat

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