The Mandalorian Video Game Rumored to Be in Development

According to the rumor mill, for a video game Mandalorian Is in the works. As an unconfirmed rumor, there is no information on when the game may be released or which developer is involved with the project. Nevertheless, the news has gained a lot Star wars Fans are excited because people are calling Mando The first season of the show debuted on Disney +.

This specifically stems from a video by Phil Spencer, who is known for teasing upcoming video game releases by placing some items on his shelf in his zoom call. Earlier, Spencer had an Xbox Series S in its shelf months before the console officially surfaced. Referring to a new video featuring Spencer, a deleted tweet from news scopper Nick Baker reported that a Mandalorian Funco pop figure appeared in the background.

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“Okay. Then you will see … there is one Mandalorian Funko on Phil’s shelf, “Baker said in tweet.” Yes Someone is making Mandalorian sport. Not sure who yet. Excuse me.”

With no official comment from Lucasfilm or Disney, this information should be considered nothing more than rumors at the moment. After the news went viral, Baker deleted the tweet after realizing that the object in the video was not actually Mandalorian. In a follow-up tweet, Baker explains that this does not mean that his unverified news is not accurate, although he is now worried about letting the cat out a little too soon.

Okay, so liiiiittle bit of a WhatsApp, “said Baker.” Yes there is going to be one Mando sport. But um … it’s obviously not Mando Funco. I may have just said something I did not want yet. Hopefully I didn’t just burn my source. Got to apologize for something. “

Developed by John Favreau, Mandalorian Immediate success premiered on Disney + in 2019. Its second season was also very hot. Star wars Fans when it came out last year, and Disney are hoping that the train will continue with the third season of work. There are also several Mandalorian spinoffs in development. Given the apparent popularity and long history of the series Star wars In video games, a Mando The game is unavoidable. Let’s just hope these rumors are true and the arrival of the game is not far away.

other Mandalorian Rumors have been floating in the headlines recently, which is expected to run with little official information. It was recently reported that the Wookies may appear in season 3 of the show, but it is unclear whether it will be from Chewabeka or someone else from the planet Kashyap. As details on the show’s upcoming third season are still subject to lock and key, none of these rumors have been officially confirmed.

Season 3 Mandalorian There is no premiere date yet, but fans can now watch the first two seasons on Disney +. Is rumored to Mandalorian Getting your own soon Star wars Comes to us from video games Nick Baker on Twitter.

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