The Mandalorian Tracks a New Bounty Hunter in Epic LEGO Fan-Made Video

Mandalorian Season 2 has come to an end, but a fan-made stop-motion LEGO video provides a new thrill for Din Zarine. The Lego version of the bounty hunter monitors a new target, which he must “build or break”. not a lot of Star wars Fans had high hopes from the mysterious Disney + show when it was first announced, especially since it had no familiar characters. However, all changed as soon as the first episode premiered.

Now, fans are being treated to an epic new Lego stop-motion video that looks almost as if it came from Lucasfilm. Mandalorian The fan-made video is not even 4 minutes long, but it also packs a lot of action, and some humor, in a very short period of time. Has a lot of familiar faces Star wars The Universe, with some new creations for fans to spot, including Groog, shows up at the very end to help Din Zarin get out of a bind. The excellent video was created by YouTuber Forrest, who used his beloved daughter to give voice to Baby Grug.

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Mandalorian Lego adventures probably won’t come on Disney + at least as soon as this one. The violence is rather graphic and some aliens are participating in some drinking and smoking, seen in some. That being said, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Lucasfilm capitalize on the show’s popularity and collaborate with Lego for some official animated adventures of the future. There are already many official legos Mandalorian Goods and Star wars Fans will more than likely embrace some more adventures that are more on the lighthouse.

John Favreau and Dave Filoni made first live-action Star wars Show with Mandalorian. It immediately became a massive hit and would no longer be the only live-action TV series for the franchise. Late last year, Lucasfilm and Disney officially announced Ahsoka Series, one Landau Series, and Rangers of the New RepublicAlso announced earlier Internal management and And Obi-Wan Kenobi Chain. If that wasn’t enough, Filoni and Favreau are also bringing Boba Phet’s book For fans this December.

The world of Star Wars is expanding on Disney + and the big screen. While much is on the way, there is a lot of enthusiasm among fans for success Mandalorian. Boba Phet’s book The original will come out before season 3 of the series, meaning fans will have to wait a bit to see what Deen Zarine and crew are up to in the future. While we wait to watch, you can check out the Lego adventure above, thanks to the ForrestFire101 YouTube channel. Be sure to check out some other content creator videos that are just as great while you are there.

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