The Mandalorian Season 3 May Have Already Started Filming

Although season 2 Mandalorian Less than a year after the first season premiered, star wars Fans will have to wait a little longer than usual for Season 3. Pedro Pascal (who portrays Din Gerrin – Titanic Mandalorian) begins filming on HBO Max. the last of us, which had priority Mandalorian. Additionally, the stage used for most live actions star wars Projects were recently reserved for Boba Fett. book of, which completed filming less than a month ago.

Mandalorian Fans can be excited now as reports indicate that the filming for season 3 is currently underway. american cinematographer magazine stated that The Mandalorian Season 3 was now in production, although no other relevant details were given. Source – On the Walls: Virtual Production for Shooting Series – The American Society of Cinematographers (

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Although Pedro Pascal is currently busy, the timing of Season 3 entering production makes sense. Due to the unique nature of the live-action Star Wars series, only one show can be produced on stage at a time. Boba Fett. book of was the most recent show to complete filming, and now that the platform is available, Mandalorian Seems like the most obvious option to follow suit. there are others star wars The show is planned (as well as in production a few other places), but none has been given a relevant release date of any kind, so it appears that Season 3 has taken precedence.

Despite Pedro Pascal portraying the title character, there are several factors that gave producers Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni the ability to film in Pascal’s absence. The first, Mandalorian Wears a helmet most of the time, so his face is rarely visible. In fact, Season 1 had as many stand-ins for Pascal as he had other engagements. The flip side is that it looks like the show will start telling stories other than the Mandalorian‘s journey. Season 2 introduced Bo-Katan, who could potentially be a very important character for the show going forward. It’s all speculation, but the Season 2 finale certainly left a lot of stories unresolved.

if Mandalorian Season 3 is actually filming, it will be the third star wars Show in current production. Endor has been filming since 2020, and there’s no word yet on when production will end. Obi-Wan Kenobi is also the second show in the midst of filming, and production began a few months ago. not internal management and not Obi-Wan Kenobic are using the platform exclusively Mandalorian and Boba Fett. book of used for their first season, so they have no effect on production schedules Mandalorian Season 3. We’ll keep you updated when we learn more on this topic.

Unlike its first two seasons, which debuted in the fall, Mandalorian Season 3 is likely to premiere in mid-2022. Boba Fett. book of took priority, but Mando fans shouldn’t be too disappointed. Several reports suggest that the events and characters Boba Fett will directly affect Mandalorian Season 3. In fact, Favreau has implied that several shows will inevitably lead to a major crossover event in the years to come. if that is the case, Boba Fett. book of (which will premiere in late 2021) as a funny placeholder for Mandalorian. Both shows will stream exclusively on Disney+ when released.

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