The makers of Mario Kart Live Home Circuit are back with Knockout City

Knockout City: Team Danball fights with a very Nintendo Feel.

EA / Whelan Studio

Splatoon 3 not coming until 2022, But there is a game title to switch to this year which could be a great option. Replace ink with dodgeball, and you’ve got knockout city. I have already played a few rounds, and it continues. Even better, it is cross-platform including PC.

The base of the city of Knockout looks simple and familiar. Teams of players run around a skatepunk-ish futuristic city, launching things to each other to achieve victory. Except here, things are dodging. The style of Knockout City is similar to the old Sega game Jet Grind Radio or Splatoon. ’90s-ish Splatter, Cartoon Vibes.

This is only the second game from Velan Studios, a New York developer that has also produced an AR-capable RC car Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Game last fall with Nintendo. There is no AR or strange new technology here, but Whelan’s team says it created a new engine to reduce game lag and throw balls and catch in team matches.


It is challenging to catch balls without going crazy. You can also turn it into a ball.

EA / Whelan Studio

The basic twist here is that the balls can be caught and launched back to other players. Or you can be a ball yourself and throw it to others. I am trying a few rounds through a PC beta that is available in a closed demo this upcoming weekend, ahead of a planned May 21 launch.

I know it was fun. More interestingly, it seems that Nintendo has taken over … but in the EA game for PC, PS4 And PS5, Xbox One and Series x / s, And The switch, With cross-play between everyone so you can play with people on any platform.

Coke-environment-screenshot-roof-04.  PNG

Arena designs give me heavy Splatoon vibes.

EA / Whelan Studio

There will also be nine weeks of weather, much like Fortnite. But the game will be $ 20 with no planned in-game micro transactions, which also seems refreshing. Now that we know Splatoon 3 not coming until 2022, It seems like a very solid stand-in.

Online games with friends have taken on a new meaning My life has been largely virtual for one year. I appreciate games that don’t cost a lot, and my kids can play online with friends. In that sense, the knockout city looks pretty good so far. My children loved it even more.

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