The Last of Us Fan Art Imagines What Pedro Pascal Will Look Like as Joel

The new fan art gives us a look at how Pedro Pascal might appear on HBO’s The Last of Us TV show, and even the original game’s writer and creative director Neil Druckman is impressed. On Twitter, Druckman recalled Pascal’s Andrea C. recounting a beard and hairstyle reminiscent of the hard smuggler from the video game. Posted a picture by White. It may be just one painting, but the artwork is enough to excite many fans with thousands of likes and retweets.

“Damn… our fans don’t waste time. Well done!” Druckman says in the tweet. Shortly before Pascal casting as Joel Miller The last of us Turns out, it was also announced that Bella Ramsey would co-star as Ellie. Most of us may know Ramsi best for her breakout role, which stars Lyanna Mormont game of ThronesOne of the worst characters of the HBO series despite being young. Pascal also had a role game of Thrones The Oberians as Martel, but because their character had died before Ramsay’s debut, the two never shared screen time.

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Of course, Pedro Pascal The popular actor has since become a huge star as Deen Zarine Star wars Chain Mandalorian. The series follows a lonely bounty hunter on a personal mission to save Baby Yoda from the sinister Muff Gideon, the story is similar to the role of Joel who works for Ellie The last of us. Together Mandalorian Becoming one of the most popular shows in the world since its debut, the show has made Pascal one of the more in-demand actors in Hollywood, most recently leading to his casting as Joel.

Original video game version of The last of us Was released in 2013. Players take control of Joel Miller, a smuggler hired to escort a teenage girl to a post-apocalyptic septic wasteland for reasons that are not entirely clear at first. As the two bond during their journey, keeping Ellie safe is a top priority for Joel above everything else. Because of its compelling storyline and acclaimed gameplay, The last of us It quickly became one of the most popular video games of the time, earning several Game of the Year awards in the process.

Druckman is writing an adaptation of HBO The last of us With Chernobyl Producer Craig Majin. The two will also serve as executive producers with TV producer Caroline Strauss, Naughty Dog president Evan Wells, PlayStation Productions’ Asad Qazilbush and Carter Swann, and director Johann Renk. Russian filmmaker Kantimir Balagov is set to direct the pilot episode and Gustavo Santiola, the original video game composer, will score the series.

HBO has not yet set an official release date for it The last of us And it is not clear when production will begin. Although the series will take the first place with Pascal taking the lead, it is not expected to interfere significantly with its role Mandalorian, Since stunt performers have been used in the past to stand for Pascal, when he could not physically perform on the set. As Joel Miller will not be masked, he will need to be involved with too much The last of us. We get this news Neil Druckman on Twitter.

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