The Importance of Being Ernest Documentary Trailer Celebrates the Legend of Jim Varney

The Importance of Being Ernest Documentary Trailer Celebrates the Legend of Jim Varney

Jim verney and Ernest The franchise will be explored in an upcoming documentary Importance of being Ernest. The trailer was released earlier this month on Varney’s 71st birthday. Sadly, Varney died two decades ago, but his films are still remembered by those who were there at the peak of the peak. Ernest The film’s fame was in the 80s and 90s. His famous Ernest P. The Warrell character and his life outside wearing a denim vest and tan hat will all be revealed in the new documentary, and you can watch the official trailer for the film below.

The new documentary is an officially acknowledged collaboration between Justin Lloyd (Varney’s nephew and biographer), Daniel Butler (veteran) Ernest French writer, actor, and collaborator), and David Pagano (filmmaker and co-host and producer of “Ernest Goes to Podcast”). In the new trailer, the trio speaks about the project and what to expect from the documentary. In the video the trio reveals, “We are on a mission to tell you who Jim Varney, and Ernest, really were,” promising another previously overlooked footage showing Varney another overlooked side.

A talented actor and comedian, Varney is certainly known for his long-running film series, where he played fan favorite character Ernest P. Starred as Worrell. beginning with Ernest goes to camp In 1987, this character would take on all kinds of zany adventures in sequels like Varney Ernest goes to jail, Ernest Scared Stupid, Ernest saves Christmas, Ernest goes to school, And Slam dunk ernest. If Varney hadn’t left us in 2000, there’s a good chance she’s still portraying the character we’re now in the middle of the Hollywood reboot age.

Varney is also known for his other film and television roles outside of the Ernest franchise. He is fondly remembered for starring as the new Jade Clamp in the 1993 film adaptation Beverly hillbillies And to voice Slinky Dog in the first two Toy story Movies. A very memorable episode of Varney will also feature Carney Cotter Simpson In which his character and his son were seen being taken to the Simpson family home. Released posthumously, his last role was in the 2001 comedy Daddy and them And in the animated Disney adventure Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

For many fans, it is hard to believe that we have been without Jim Varney for 20 years. Because he made such an impact on pop culture, his longtime fans cherish memories of the unique artist. It is very unfortunate that he is no longer here, but it will be fun for fans to revive some of his greatest moments in the upcoming documentary. It will also be very interesting to see some moments of his life which have never been seen before. The trailer states that Importance of being Ernest The film is “coming soon”, but an official release date has not yet been announced. You can sign up on the official website to stay updated on the progress of the documentary.

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