The Goonies 2 Concept Art and Pitch Meeting Revealed by The Goldbergs Creator

We hear whispers, rumors and wish to see The Goneys 2 very Long time, nothing done yet. At least one man is trying his best to do so, and that man is Adam F. Goldberg. Manufacturer of Goldberg Secretly engaged in his work Guzian 2 Screenplay (for entertainment only) and, to prove how serious he is to make it a reality, he revealed a part of the concept art, revealing that he had a big deal with original director Richard Donner before the lockdown. The meeting was scheduled.

Adam F. Goldberg is an unabashedly huge fan of The Goonis, directed by Richard Donner and produced by Steven Spielberg. Recently, Josh Gad organized a virtual reunion with the cast. Goldberg then revealed on Twitter that he had been secretly working on the screenplay for nine years, and it was set to pitch Donner before the lockdown. Here at that time, he said what he had to say

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“I consider Josh Gad the ultimate fan of #TheGoonies. For the past 9 years I’ve been secretly writing Part 2 for fun. This is my masterpiece. I also had a big meeting with Richard Donner … canceled Granted. Lockdown! Goonies 2 will happen when life resumes. Promise !!! “

The script page has the title page “The Goonies II: Never Say Die”. It also dates back to March 4, with the “Richard Donner presentation” downstairs. It seems that this meeting was the date to go down. For the concept art, it was cooked by Garbage kids Artist Michael Bernard. It features a group wrapped in shadows on a huge skull in a cave. Some Spanish text is on the forehead that “will accidentally rain fear / feel the wrath of the devil’s tears.”

The idea was originally pitching the idea in 2005 with Adam F. Goldberg, but goes a long way. But Richard Donner felt nothing that Pitch was able to counter the pirate ship at the end of the original. As Goldberg has reported, he has been thinking about doing so since 2006, and Prerna attacked him in 2013. He is working on the screenplay at his own will. In the piece that broke Goldberg’s plans, he explained that he was going to do everything he could to not ruin anyone’s childhood, and it also included listening to fans, if all this steam of any Picks up and moves on.

“I’ll lurk on the message boards, so instead of telling me that I suck and I’m ruining your childhood, tell me what you want to see in a sequel? And what do I do with the sloth?”

Once the piece came alive, Adam F. Goldberg once again reiterated how serious he is. Even though Richard Donner and Steven Spielberg have raised doubts that Goldberg is determined to make this dream a reality, despite being able to live in the original. He said this while saying on Twitter.

“Thank you for writing about my quest to make this dream a reality / film! Spielberg and Donner have said that it is impossible to come up with a great concept for The Goonies 2, but we never say Goonies! !! “

Goonies are almost as big as they come in the context of nostalgia-inducing 80s classics. Undoubtedly, Warner Bros. jumped at the chance to do so if Donner and Spielberg would sign off. The question is, can Goldberg crack the code? This news comes to us / through the film.

Goonies 2 concept art

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