The Funniest YouTube Videos of All Time

Humor is very personal, but there are some things that are only universally funny. We’re sure you have your favorite YouTube videos to turn upside down, but these are ours. Some of them are madly popular, while others have fallen below the radar, but all of them are thematically cheerful.

Note: While all of the videos below are found on YouTube and meet YouTube’s accepted standards for content, some of them contain adult language, and therefore cannot be considered safe for work.

Buzz and Dandelion

A child’s laughter is as contagious as it gets. There are lots of laughing baby videos out there, but this is one of our favorites.


There are great singers and then great singers. This is an excerpt from Kirin J. Callinan Big enough Actually makes that distinction clear.

Indoor plant serial killer

Everyone is super into plants these days? But what if you have the opposite of the green thumb? Then you’ll probably be related to YouTuber Natalie Tran, a self-described “indoor plant serial killer”. Laugh about your botany issues as you watch this weird skit in which Tran lets his imagination run wild over this seemingly mundane problem.

Crazy nangasan honey badger

What is there not to love about someone describing one of nature’s biggest crooks with utterly dominant and aggressive antics? Humble Madhu Badger.

Smiling chewabeca mask woman

Toys are not just for children. And when you are a parent, you must do something. Just ask Chebbecca Mask Lady. In this video, his happiness is reflected from the first second. You will not stop yourself from laughing with him.

Talking about twins

Linguists around the world continue the work of understanding this long dead language that even speakers cannot translate for us, now they have come of age. We may never know what he said, but it was clearly important and dear one was worth remembering.

Key & Peel – Gideon’s Kitchen

If you show a cooking competition, you’ll love this bite-sized parody of Gordon Ramsay’s hit “Hell’s Kitchen”. Do chefs really like the dish? Who knows?

Henry 2, Claw de Dukes

We take a moment from our collection to address a serious issue. Cat Mental Health. If you know a cat who is suffering, be sure to contact your local support center.

Grape lady falls

It is not polite to laugh at the misfortune of others, but is it anyone’s fault that this poor woman mourns so jokingly?

Forehead of Joaquin Phoenix

Who would have thought that an actor’s forehead could enjoy his whole body of work as much as he could admire it? Well no, but it’s definitely good enough for a laugh.

Supreme ascetic

Is inexplicably funny. Fake farting in public places for disgusting public appearances? even more so.

History of intoxication – the mysterious disappearance of Agatha Christie

History stumbles to life with Giggles and Comedy Central’s “Drunk History”. In this clip of the popular show, Alison Rich tells the story of the mysterious disappearance of the famous drunk author Agatha Christie. When describing Rich Rich, the audience is treated to a lively revival of the story with an alcoholic narrator’s speech with actors such as Kirsten Dunst Lip Sink.

History of the whole world, I think

It is rare to find 20 minutes of anything that will make you laugh continuously, especially on YouTube. But this one was bothering us a lot during its long length.

Taylor Swift – I knew you were in trouble. The goat was screaming

The punchline for this title is indeed, but the timing is still so good that it is worth watching and amazing. Bonus points for Katy Perry also link up with our goat pals.

Ron sneezes and scares the deer

This is one of those people that gets better every time you loop it. This deer is not great, but Ron’s poor wife’s disappointment and resentment.

If Google Took Over Microsoft

It can be fun for us because we make people live like that … but come on. They all sound like this, don’t they?

BBC Breakfast – Mike Bushell falls in a pool

Poor Mike. Just trying to keep his mic dry. He failed.

Boom boom boom listen to me you say way oh

This video may have betrayed penchants for dance music of our age, or 90s, but this young woman who is a classic assassin makes us almost a decade behind from her first appearance.

I can’t believe you did this

Neither can we.

Mera dil jaaya (awesome recorder meme)

You do not need to watch the entire video (if you do we will not judge you). It’s about that sweet, footy drop near a start.

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