The Fifth Element 2 Was Supposed to Happen, Here’s What Killed It

Some movies are oddly entertaining when it comes to sci-fi cinema Fifth element, A 1997 English-language French science-fiction action film directed and co-written by Luke Besson. The film starred an eclectic cast that included Bruce Willis, Millie Jovovich, Chris Tucker and Gomen Oldman. In a conversation with the film’s co-writer, Robert Kamen, it was revealed that the original plan was to make the sequel Fifth element, That the first film fell due to poor performance at the box office.

“[The script for The Fifth Element] Was actually 180 pages, and then [Luc Besson] A second part was added to it, which made no sense. We were going to do it as a sequel, but it didn’t make sense, and the fifth element was not very big here. It was huge in the rest of the world, and is a classic, but it only made $ 75 million or $ 80 million in business here. It was way ahead of its time. So we never did a sequel, and the sequel would have been the second 180-page thing [Luc Besson] Was working in script. “

Story behind making Fifth element There is as much of a clash of cultures as the film, of a strange, captivating European arthouse blast printed through the prism of raw commercial Hollywood. It tells the story of a taxicab driver played by Willis, who takes it upon himself to protect the life of a stranger, human creature, played by Jovovich, whose existence is directly linked to the existence of mankind against a malevolent cosmic entity Has happened. .

According to Kamen, when he was a producer, he was working as a script doctor with Warner Bros. Gran Torino, Bill Gerber, asked him to take a look at a strange new script called Luke Beson, which he created La femme nikita. Kamen had trouble understanding the screenplay, but considered Besan a cinematic genius based on his previous work, and therefore agreed to meet the filmmaker. Unfortunately, the meeting was far from a success.

“I said,” I’ll come in and meet him. [Billy] Said, “Great.” So I meet the guy, and I tell him everything about his script. He does not get all this because his English was not so good. And he sits there, and I could see that he was getting more and more upset. He is a French autism, I’m just this fucking Hollywood screenwriter. And at the end of the meeting, Billy calls me, he says, “Dude, you just ruined that relationship.” Because everything I had done, I just kept saying what a big part of this screenplay was. “

Kamen naturally concluded that it was the last he would ever hear about. Fifth element. But to his surprise, Besan called him a week later and asked for his help in writing the script. Soon, Kamen was on a plane to Paris, where a three-day brainstorming session with Besan turned into a three-week tour of the studio, with work being brought to the foreign world. Fifth element. Kamen and Besson were eventually able to create a script that they were satisfied with, and thus began the journey, which lasted four more years, to produce a film that many considered a ’90s sci-fi highlight Consider a highlight along with Maths question. This news originated on Uprax.

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