The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Only Has a Little Bit More to Shoot

Not afraid, as Marvel fans Falcon and Winter Soldier Is almost finished. Extensive production closures forced the upcoming Disney + series to stop. But star Anthony McKay has confirmed that there is little time left to do so and they will hopefully return with filming soon.

Anthony McKay Recently appeared as a guest The Tonight Show. Once upon a time, host Jimmy Fallon asked her to update the status on the show. McKay joked that he had not been canceled, while stating that he had not much left for the film. Here’s what McKay had to say.

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“I am happy to say that we have not been canceled. We are on hold. We are hoping to be back shortly and finish it. We have very little stuff to do. I can So glad. We have a little. To go back to do more. But everyone is assured, it will come out. We’re not canceling. “

It is good news for those hoping that the show can stay on track. If most of the footage was shot before it was closed, it means that post-production work is able to proceed in the meantime. Kari Skogland (The Handmaid’s Tale) Malcolm is directing the series with Spellman (The empire) Serving as head writer. In addition to Sebastian Stein and Anthony McKee, the cast also includes Daniel Bruhl, who returns as Zemo, and Emily VanCamp, who returns as Sharon Carter.

Disney + series pick up later Avengers: Endgame. When we last released Falcon, he was given a shield of cap by Steve Rogers, effectively making him the new Captain America. Jimmy Fallon asked Anthony Mackie about becoming the first black Captain America. Specifically, how her children liked it. As McKee puts it, not all of them are impressed.

“No. Kids are interesting because, as a parent, you all want your children to be accepted … I don’t care about anyone else. If my kids like, ‘Daddy, it was a good movie , ‘This is a good film for me. But my children are above it. “

It is the first live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe series produced for Disney +. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige is directly involved with these new shows, which will be directly linked to the films. Other similar projects currently include Wandavision, Hawkeye, bottle gourd, She hulk, Ms. Marvel And Moon Knight. No special release date has been revealed, but it was said earlier Falcon and Winter Soldier Will start sometime in august Wandavision It is set to follow soon after December. Whether or not they will stick to that timeline remains to be seen. You can watch the full interview clip on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon YouTube channel.

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