The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 3 recap: Two major characters from Captain America Civil War return

Falcon and Winter Soldier is getting more and more exciting with each new episode. While the first episode was not a slouch to begin with, subsequent entries changed the action several notches. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, consider it a spoiler alert.

Titled “Power Broker”, the episode begins with Sam and Bucky playing Zimo (Daniel Bruhl), the man who caused the civil war in the third Captain America film. Their objective is to find out how the entire team of super-soldiers (flag-smashers) are there.

Bucky goes inside, just as Sam stays outside.

They leave, but Bucky presents an “imaginary” situation of how Zemo can get out of prison. It turns out that this is not as fictional as we thought Zemo is actually independent. Sam Zemo is a war criminal and reluctant with all, but eventually agrees.

Baron Zemo was an actual baron, he reveals, and he has an aircraft in his command. They leave for a canonical Singapore-like Madripur in Marvel Comics, which also briefly appears in Agents of SHIELD. It is a part of Indonesia, but unlike Singapore, which thrives on trade, Madripur thrives on crime.

Zemo, Falcon and Winter Soldier Zemo is free and revealed, very talkative. (Photo: Marvel Studios)

Assuming new identities, they once again crash, where Bucky once again becomes the Winter Soldier – basically a stone-faced assassin – and a swarm of goons. They meet Celebi, a local bigwig. They ask her about the super-solder serum and she gives him a name. When Sam received the call and blew his cover, they ran after him. They kill Selby and his bodyguard, and flee. They are not saved by any other Sharon Carter, whom we are seeing for the first time since the Civil War.

She reveals that she is running away from the law due to the events of the film. Sam says it will help clarify her name. She takes them to the doctor, who synthesizes the serum from Isaiah, the man we met in the last episode. While they are talking to him, he is attacked by people from the power broker who call the shots in Madripur. Oh, and a purple-masked Zemo shoots the man for some reason.

Emily VanCamp, Sharon Carter Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter. (Photo: Marvel Studios)

Meanwhile, the new Captain America (John Walker) and his partner are on the heels of the flag-smashers, but one step behind Sam and Bucky. He shows that he is not out of anger, questioning people, and will remind the audience of Joffrey, the King of Game of Thrones.

Sam, Bucky and Zemo leave Sharon in Madripur and leave for Riga, Latvia. Bucky is separated from the group for some time when he spots small spherical devices. This is a messenger from Wakanda, who wants Zemo.

Falcon and Winter Soldier is streaming at Disney + Hotstar Premium.

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