The Dukes of Hazzard May Get Yanked from Amazon Streaming

The Duke of Hazard has been flagged for internal review at Amazon. The 1980s hit sitcom could get the boot for problematic imagery. The series aired for 7 seasons on CBS and was a success for most of the time thanks to the adventures of Bose and Luke Duke, as well as their cousin Daisy Duke. Concerns about the use of the Confederate flag on the iconic vehicle, nicknamed General Lee, have come more than once in the last few years, but it seems that now may be the time for the boys to be canceled.

Amazon is currently discussing whether to delete or not the Dukes of Hazzard From their streaming service amid protests from Black Lives Matter currently running around the world. The Confederate flag is a symbol of racism and oppression and in recent years has been gradually forced out of public spaces throughout the United States. NASCAR just decided to stop waving the flag in all its breeds, which has received mixed reactions over the past few days.

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the Dukes of Hazzard Currently Amazon Prime Video’s sister streamer streams on IMDb TV. No decision has been made at this time, but sources say the fate of the show is being discussed internally. Back in 2015, Warner Bros. TV announced that it would “stop licensing images of the car to toy-makers and other merchants after the mass murder of nine people in a South Carolina church. A white supremacist with a flag Proudly posed for photos. ”However, a few years later, the show ended back on streaming services, where it has ever been.

the Dukes of Hazzard Protests continue around the world and tensions are high. HBO Max received criticism for its removal Flew into the air, While Paramount Television and A&E were canceled police And Live pd, Respectively. Even imaginary police officers are reeling under backlash. Nickelodeon children’s show paw Patrol A German Shepherd was joked for featuring a police dog, but it seems that some people actually want to get rid of this character. Even the country pop band Lady Antebellum announced the name change after not realizing for 14 years that the term “antebellum” was tied to slavery in the South-East Civil War.

For now, it doesn’t look good the Dukes of Hazzard Currently on any streaming platform. With that being said, do many people actually see what Bo and Luke Duke are doing with so many things to stream these days? Whatever it is, people are happy or upset with it, whatever it may be. Maybe they can figure out a way to digitally remove the Confederate flag from General Lee while changing their name at the same time? the Dukes of Hazzard The news was previously reported by Vulture.

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