The Celebs Giving Us Serious Winter Wardrobe Inspiration

Where are you going? For a walk around the block? To the grocery store? To work because you provide an essential service? (Thanks!) With a few other exceptions – some outdoor skating rinks and ski hills open in some Canadian cities, for example – this is a comprehensive list of possible winter activities during the epidemic lockout. This is not to say, however, that you cannot love your winter attire, even if you are not going beyond the end of your street for a walk. Below, check out the seven celebs who are giving us serious winter wardrobe inspiration in casual nits, warm coats and of course, face masks.

Gigi Hadid

Since having their first child, a daughter, whose name is not yet public, along with Zayn Malik, Hadid was seen roaming New York City several times. Style tips: Better when it comes to coats and always add a hat.

Bella hadid

Bella proves that scarves are always a good idea.

Gabriel Union-Wade and Dwayne Wade

When a sweatsheet is prepared topped with a camel coat, La Gabrielle Union.

Alicia Keys

While it’s not Recent Alicia Keys’ photo remains the style inspector: hoops, hat, black leather jacket.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Do not ignore brown in your winter wardrobe.


In a full-fledged monsler snowsuit, Sierra demonstrates that being warm and fashionable is not mutually exclusive.

Victoria Beckham

Even the poshest of us all know Knitwear is the perfect work-out-home outfit topper.

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