The Boys Season 3 Fan Art Paints Jensen Ackles Into His Soldier Boy Costume

Ahead of Supernatural Introduction to Star Jensen The boys Next year as Soldier Boy, a possible look for the character has been revealed through new fan art. Portrayed by Esther Viola, the portrait draws inspiration from the source material, placing Akles in the comic book version of Soldier Boy’s costume. Until the second season begins and we can see how the action will appear in the live-action version, fan art provides an interesting glimpse into how the character will come alive on the small screen.

In The boys Comic Books, Soldier Boy works on a par with Captain America, boasting a similar costume and Deadhard patriotism. They are considered a bit cowardly and cowardly, with no real danger to someone like a homebuyer. Series listener Eric Kripke teased that this would not be the case with the unlearned version of Soldier Boy, who he describes as someone who was “a homelander before homeland.” Not only will Soldier Boy take the TV version of the antagonist starrer Homelander into force, but he may be equally popular to the American public.

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It has also been teased that Kripke will bring in an Avengers parody group named Payback in early season 3. An image posted online on the cover page for the next season’s opener revealed that the episode was titled ‘Payback’. “This suggests that Soldier Boy may be joining other Avengers parody characters in the comics, such as Take Knight, Mind-Droid, Swatto, and the Crimson Countess. Stormfront, a male character in the comics, was also a part of Payback, although we’ve previously He has seen Aya Cash as a version of Signister Sup for the screen.

Jensen Ackles Preparing to say goodbye to Supernatural After a 15-season run. Since 2005, Eckels has been playing Dare Winchester with Dare Winchester as his brother Sam. With just a few episodes left to go, the series concludes in November. As Kripke also made Supernatural, Ready to come The boys Serves as a reunion, but this is not all we can see. Open about bringing Kripke Supernatural Co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan The boys As well, but struggles with scheduling The walking dead Can work hard to pull those plans. If you need a refresher, Morgan plays Ekless’s father Supernatural.

The boys Just wrapped its second season on Amazon Prime Video, earning more acclaim than the first in the second season. As word of mouth spreads and more fans continue to discover the series, the anticipation for season 3 is growing rapidly. Fortunately, next season is planned to begin shooting in early 2021, and new episodes should arrive on Amazon Prime Video next year. Better yet, the universe of the hit series will be expanded with a college-set spinoff that works even after young superheroes learn how to use their abilities. Jansen Akles was portrayed by Soldier Boy Fan Art Esther Viola.

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